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How to upgrade your Moniepoint account easily

Are you looking to access more features and increase transaction limits on your MoniePoint account? Upgrading is a simple way to get more value from your digital wallet and take your transactions to the next level. This in-depth guide will walk you through the upgrade process step-by-step so you can start enjoying the benefits right away.

What is MoniePoint? 

MoniePoint is one of the leading fintech companies in Nigeria providing digital payment solutions. Launched in 2012, it has grown to become a household name for sending and receiving funds quickly via its user-friendly app or web platform. 

MoniePoint allows users to carry out transactions online and in-store using their mobile money. You can pay bills, buy airtime, transfer to bank accounts, and make purchases at affiliated merchants. It’s revolutionizing financial services in Nigeria with its fast, low-cost transactions.

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Why Upgrade Your Account?

While a standard MoniePoint account covers basic needs, there are substantial advantages to upgrading:

  • Access More Features

An upgraded account unlocks premium functionality like international transfers, invoice payments, and transaction history reports. These advanced tools give you more flexibility and control over your money. 

  • Increase Transaction Limits

The daily and monthly caps on standard accounts are quite low, meaning you may hit those limits frequently if transferring larger amounts. Upgraded tiers boost those ceilings so big transfers aren’t an issue. 

  • International Transfers

Do you often receive or send funds from abroad? Standard accounts only support local transfers while gold and platinum upgrades open up the ability to transact globally. This makes upgrading very worthwhile for recipients of foreign remittances.

  • Invoice Payment Options
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An upgraded feature lets you pay invoices issued by businesses, schools, landlords, and more directly from your MoniePoint balance. No more waiting in long lines – just upload invoices and pay with a click.

  • Interest On Balance

Holding a minimum balance in some upgraded plans earns you interest at a competitive rate. It encourages saving directly in your digital wallet.

How Much Does an Upgrade Cost?

There are currently two upgrade tiers available:

Gold Account 

Costs ₦5,000 initially to upgrade from a basic account. The annual renewal is ₦2,000 to maintain this mid-level plan.

Platinum Account

A premium platinum upgrade is ₦10,000 upfront with a ₦5,000 annual renewal to keep the plan active. 

Both the gold and platinum options unlock higher spending ceilings and additional features compared to a standard account. For most users, the gold plan offers the best balance of extra functionality versus cost.

The Step-by-Step Upgrade Process

Ready to upgrade? Here are the simple steps

 1. Log Into Your Account

Go to www.moniepoint.com and sign in with your existing phone number and password.

2. Select “Upgrade Account”  

Look for this option under the “Account Settings” section of the main dashboard. 

3. Choose Upgrade Plan

Review the gold and platinum plan details displayed then select your plan of choice. 

 4. Enter Payment Information

You can pay via bank transfer, card, or cash at an accredited agent location nearby. Input your preferred payment details.

5. Complete Payment 

Submit your payment and the system will process it securely. This typically takes 1-2 minutes to complete.

6. Confirmation Screen

Once paid, you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page showing your new upgraded account status.

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Within 1 business day, log back in to start taking advantage of your premium MoniePoint features!

Your account is now upgraded. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes total.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level 2 limit at Moniepoint?

The Level 2 limit at Moniepoint for a business account includes a single credit limit of N5,000,000 and a single debit limit of N900,000. Additionally, the daily credit limit is N5,000,000, while the daily debit limit is also N900,000

Can students upgrade too?

Yes, any Nigerian over 18 years old can upgrade their MoniePoint account regardless of occupation as long as they pass the verification process.


Thanks for reading to the very ends. 

With the benefits of higher limits, more tools, and extra convenience, upgrading your MoniePoint account is an easy way to take your transactions further. Whether you’re a frequent user or looking to upgrade select features, MoniePoint has a plan for every budget and need. Take advantage of the quick upgrade process today to maximize what you can do with your digital wallet.

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