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how to block Moniepoint account when phone is stolen

Your phone getting stolen is never a pleasant situation. However, protecting your personal information and accounts should be the top priority. One important step is blocking access to your Moniepoint account. This guide will walk you through the easy steps on how to block Moniepoint account when phone is stolen

The sooner you act, the less chance an unauthorized user has to access or misuse your account. Let’s get started right away to minimize any potential damage or loses. Some key actions to take immediately include:

Report Your Phone Stolen 

First and foremost, Call your mobile carrier right away to report the phone stolen and request that service for that device be suspended. This prevents anyone from adding that stolen phone’s SIM card to another device and accessing accounts via SMS text verification codes. 

Contact Moniepoint Customer Support

Moniepoint’s customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with account issues. Call or chat with an agent to report the phone stolen and request that your account be locked for security until you can change login credentials from a new device. Provide identification details to verify account ownership during this process. Check the Moniepoint customer care details here 

Temporarily Lock Your Account Access

While reporting the incident, Moniepoint can temporarily lock access to your online banking and payment accounts until new security details are in place. This prevents unauthorized logins and transactions during the handoff period. 

As the account holder, Moniepoint will need to verify your identity before making any changes. Be prepared to provide your full name, date of birth, address, last 4 digits of SSN or TIN number, and other identifying details only the legitimate account holder would know. 

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With two-factor authentication via your stolen phone no longer available, Moniepoint will need an alternative way to communicate important account updates and verification requests. Provide contact details like an email address, different phone number or mailing address where you can be reliably reached.

Once temporary account access restrictions are in place, it’s time to create new logins that are unique from any previously used authentication details linked to the stolen phone device. This entirely locks out unauthorized access.

Choose New Passwords  

Generate strong, randomized passwords for your Moniepoint online banking username and any associated login IDs. Avoid reusing old passwords or personal information that could be easily guessed. Opt for a mix of letters, numbers and symbols that is difficult to crack.

Update Security Questions  

Many accounts use security questions as a password reset option or additional layer of verification. Now is the time to change those responses to new, unique values that are only known by you rather than publicly available personal details. 

 Moniepoint and many other financial institutions offer optional multi-factor authentication for extra login security. Enroll in options like one-time security codes via text or authenticator apps connected to a new verified device rather than phone numbers.  

Check for Any Suspicious Account Activity

Once login credentials are fully reset, carefully monitor your accounts for any unauthorized or suspicious activity that may have occurred before controls were put into place. Be on alert for:

  • Transfers or withdrawals to new external accounts 
  • Changes to account contact details like phone numbers or addresses 
  • Suspicious recurring payment authorizations  

Document anything abnormal right away and report any potential fraudulent transactions to Moniepoint for investigation and reversal if needed. They may also be able to offer additional identity theft protection services.

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Throughout this process, keep the operating systems and applications on all newly used devices fully updated to their latest versions. This helps patch any vulnerabilities cybercriminals may try exploiting. 

An abundance of caution goes a long way when identity theft is a risk. Staying on top of security helps shut the door firmly behind any access gained from the stolen device.  


Thanks for reading to the very end. That’s all on how to block Moniepoint account when phone is stolen. 

Getting your phone stolen is always an unfortunate situation. But taking prompt action like blocking your Moniepoint account access minimizes damage and risk of fraud or information exposure. 

With new credentials, alerts monitoring, and updated security across all devices, you’ve put maximum safeguards in place for maximum protection of your personal information and finances going forward. Staying proactive means staying protected.


What is the code for moniepoint?

To use Moniepoint’s USSD banking services, dial *5573# on your mobile phone. 

This main USSD code will display a menu with various options for performing financial transactions without an internet connection.

Can I block my stolen phone using IMEI?

 Yes, you can block your stolen phone using its IMEI number to prevent unauthorized use. 

What is the Moniepoint customer care number?

The Moniepoint customer care number is +23418889990. You can also contact them via email at support@moniepoint.com or visit their physical offices located in various parts of Nigeria. Additionally, you can reach out to Moniepoint through their website at https://moniepoint.com/ng/contact

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