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How do you block your bank account when your phone is stolen?

 Do you want to block your bank account when your phone is stolen? Are you looking for the fastest and the best way to unblock your bank account when your phone is stolen?

If so this article is for you. 

As your phone contains all your online banking credentials, you realize the thief now has access to drain your bank account. Don’t panic! There are steps you can take immediately to protect your finances. This article will guide you on blocking your bank account access on a stolen phone to prevent fraud. Let’s get started!

Report Your Phone Stolen

The very first step is calling your mobile carrier and reporting that your phone has been stolen. Provide your identification details and the IMEI number, which is a unique 15-digit code identifying your phone. Flagging your phone as lost or stolen prevents the thief from inserting a new SIM card and accessing your line. 

It’s also important to contact your local police station and lodge a complaint about the theft. An official police report comes in handy for future correspondence with banks and insurance providers regarding fraudulent transactions.

Change Your Online Banking Login Credentials

Once your phone is reported stolen, log in to your online banking profile from another device immediately. Change your username, password, and security questions to entirely new and strong combinations. Opt for two-factor authentication wherever available for an added layer of security for future logins. 

The momentary lockout won’t harm your banking activities but ensures bad actors can’t access your accounts through cached login credentials on the stolen device.

Freeze Your Debit/Credit Cards

Contact your bank’s customer care via an authenticated channel like listed phone number or registered email ID. Request to freeze all linked debit and credit cards to restrict any further online or offline transactions. 

Make sure to ask the bank to reverse any transactions that occurred after the theft but before you could freeze the card access. Check transaction records to prevent fraudulent withdrawals from slipping by. Most banks can suspend card usage once informed about theft as long as the account holder isn’t held responsible for losses.

Block Access to Services Like Internet Banking

Some banks allow blocking access specifically to digital channels like internet banking, mobile banking apps, UPI, and Card-on-File services from the stolen device. This provides an extra layer of assurance until you replace your phone, just in case thieves manage to bypass login credentials and security questions somehow. Confirm with your respective bank whether they can temporarily deny access requests only from the IMEI number of the lost phone without blocking your account otherwise.

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Change Online Payment Passwords 

Aside from banking apps, change login credentials for any e-wallets or third-party services storing your financial data that are synced to the stolen phone. This includes applications for utility bill payments, investment accounts, Buy-Now-Pay-Later services, credit cards, insurance, and other accounts where saved card or bank details could enable online theft. Use a password manager to generate and store unique, complex passwords for each to prevent future compromises.

Deregister Biometric Logins 

Most modern smartphones rely on fingerprint or facial recognition for banking apps instead of login passwords. Be sure to deregister all biometric authentications associated with your stolen device. While usually considered more secure than passwords, biometrics get compromised along with physical possession of the device. 

Contact your bank to confirm removal of all registered fingerprints, face IDs, or patterns from their authentication systems. Take extra care to disable similar login options across payment apps, digital wallets and other financial services as well. 

Monitor Bank Statements Closely

Even after taking prompt security precautions, keep a close watch on all linked bank and credit card statements for anomalies over the next few months. Cyber criminals often wait for the heat to die down before attempting fraudulent withdrawals. 

Remain vigilant and report anything suspicious immediately instead of waiting till the next statement. Most banks can reverse unauthorized transactions if caught early.

 Don’t hesitate to freeze and order fresh cards if doubts remain. Staying on top of statements is the best defense against undetected online theft long after securing bank logins.

Replace Your Stolen Phone

Naturally, the only full-proof solution is getting a new phone with different IMEI and device details. Contact your mobile carrier for replacement options under insurance coverage if any. Port your old number to the new SIM for continuity. 

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Be sure to transfer only select data and clear personal financial details or cached login credentials from the old device before recycling it securely. 

Consider using a remote data wipe service like Find My to fully erase sensitive information in case the stolen phone is ever recovered. Getting a fresh device allows a totally clean break from potential vulnerabilities exploited by thieves from your previous handset.


Acting swiftly to block bank access on a stolen phone is crucial to prevent financial fraud. While securing your banking credentials forms the immediate line of defense, don’t let your guard down even after. 

Close monitoring of statements along with changing device details provide enduring protection. With prompt precautions leveraging available bank security features and diligent follow through, you can rest assured knowing your finances remain safe from cyber criminals. 

Staying one step ahead through situational awareness and preventive security habits forms the best long-term strategy to keep personal data out of the wrong hands.


How do I block my UBA account if my phone is stolen?

To block your UBA account if your phone is stolen, dial *919*9# on another phone, enter your phone number linked to the account, input your 4-digit USSD PIN, and confirm via SMS. 

This process deactivates your account, preventing unauthorized access and transactions. If needed, contact customer care or visit a UBA branch

How do I block my access bank account if I lost my phone?

To block your Access Bank account if you lost your phone, follow these steps:

  • Dial the USSD code *901*911## from any phone. This will instantly block access to your account, preventing any transactions until you unblock it.
  • Provide your phone number linked to the account and your USSD banking PIN when prompted to confirm the block.
  • If you prefer, you can also contact Access Bank’s 24/7 customer service hotline on 07003000000 to request blocking your account due to a lost phone. Be ready to provide your account number and personal details for verification.
  • Visit an Access Bank branch with a valid ID and, if applicable, a police report to speak to a representative about further securing your account.

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