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How to upgrade UBA bank account easily (Online & Offline)

Have you been tired of your daily transactions limit and you want to step it up by upgrading your UBA bank account?

If so, this article is for you. 

Upgrading your United Bank for Africa (UBA) account provides access to premium banking services and privileges. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will explain both the online and in-branch methods to upgrade your UBA account in Nigeria step-by-step with examples. 

Why Should You Consider Upgrading Your UBA Account?

There are several compelling benefits to upgrading your basic UBA account:

Increased Transaction Limits: Most upgraded packages offer significantly higher daily online transfer, POS transaction and ATM withdrawal limits. This allows you to make larger payments and withdrawals with ease. For example, the basic UBA360 account has an ATM withdrawal limit of ₦100,000 daily whereas UBA Salary Account holders can withdraw up to ₦300,000 per day. 

Higher Interest Rates on Savings: Premium savings account options like UBA Mali and UBA Kiddies provide interest rates up to 5% on your deposits, compared to just 2% on regular savings accounts. The interest is calculated daily and credited to your account monthly, allowing your money to grow faster.

Value-added services like bill payments, airtime top-ups, cash deposits at agent locations, prepaid cards and virtual account numbers are exclusive to upgraded packages. You also get improved online security with features like one-time passwords and transaction authentication. 

Exclusive Debit/Credit Cards: Based on your package, you may be entitled to a Visa or Mastercard debit card as well as supplementary cards. Some premium options even offer UBA lifestyle and platinum credit cards with attractive rewards. 

Priority Branch Services: Account managers, customised cheque books, priority queues and lounges ensure an enhanced in-branch experience for premium clients. You can also enjoy expedited processing of requests like account statements, bank drafts and online activation of services.

Loan Eligibility: Upgraded UBA packages may qualify you for personal loans, mortgage and auto loans at preferential rates. Your creditworthiness also improves over time with healthy banking habits.

Insurance Benefits: Packages like UBA Salary Account provide complimentary life and accident insurance coverage up to ₦3 million. Some even bundle tailored insurance packages to strengthen financial security. 

Upgrading makes banking more convenient while allowing you to maximise the value of your money. Read on to understand the simple process of enhancing your UBA account.

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How to Upgrade Your UBA Account Online

The quickest way to upgrade is via the UBA mobile banking app or online portal from any device:

1. Login to your UBA account via the app or website using your credentials.

2. Select “Services” in the main menu and then tap “Upgrade Account Profile”. 

3. Review the different package options like UBA Salary, Preferred or Elite displayed with their key terms. 

4. Select your preferred upgraded package carefully based on the minimum balance requirement and additional charges, if any. 

5. Input the one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered phone number for verification.

6. Ensure your account balance meets or exceeds the initial package deposit amount. For example, UBA Salary requires ₦25,000.

7. Click “Confirm” to proceed with the upgrade once balance requirement is satisfied. 

8. Your account will now reflect your new package details instantly. 

9. Download your upgraded debit card from the app within 2 working days.

That’s it – upgrading takes just 10 minutes online without visiting a branch. You can now enjoy all advanced benefits of your new package instantly. 

The Step-By-Step Process For Upgrading UBA Bank Account In-Branch

While online upgrading is swift, some may prefer visiting a branch. Here are the detailed steps

1. Head to the UBA branch where your existing account was opened initially. 

2. Inform the branch representative that you wish to upgrade your account package. Have your ID and debit card ready. 

3. Complete the ‘Account Upgrade Form’ available with customer service personnel. 

4. Mention your preferred upgraded package along with ID and contact details on the form in block letters. 

5. Present documents like employment ID/letter, BVN printout if requested by the officer. 

6. Deposit the minimum amount required to activate the account. For e.g. ₦25,000 for UBA Salary Account. 

7. Get your account details verified and package changed by the officer.  

8. Your debit card will be retained whereas a welcome letter and upgraded cheque book if included are provided.

9. Sign relevant areas of the form as confirmation and obtain the customer copy.

10. Your upgraded package will be active within 2 working days once verification is complete.

The branch process usually takes 30-45 minutes maximum depending on volume of visitors. Be prepared with complete documents to avoid delays.

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Popular UBA Account Upgrade Options To Choose From

Let’s examine some of UBA’s most commonly chosen upgraded account packages in detail:

UBA 360 Account 

  1. Minimum Balance – ₦5,000  
  2. Free SMS/Email alerts  
  3. Online bill payments
  4. Reduced debit card charges
  5. ATM withdrawal limit – ₦100,000 daily

UBA Salary Account

Minimum deposit – ₦25,000

Free life insurance up to ₦3 million 

Personal loans at 12% interest  

POS limit of ₦500,000 daily   

ATM withdrawal limit – ₦300,000 daily

UBA Preferred Banking

Minimum Balance – ₦100,000

Visa/Mastercard lifestyle debit card

1% cash-back on utility bills

Investment/credit advice 

Concierge services  

ATM withdrawal limit – ₦1,000,000 daily

UBA Elite Banking

Annual membership fee applies

Personal account manager

Airport lounge access  

Global health insurance

Higher CBN clearing limits   

Generous credit card/loan limits

Choose based on your financial needs, transactions, balance trade-offs and privileges. Read T&Cs carefully before upgrading.

frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Now let’s address some frequently asked questions

Is it free to upgrade my UBA account?

Most UBA packages like Salary, Preferred offer free upgrades if minimum deposits are met. Only Elite imposes an annual management fee. 

What documents are required for upgrades? 

ID, employment verification, BVN and residential proof may be requested depending on package and customer risk profile.

How long before upgraded benefits are effective?

Upgrades through online/branch are instantaneous once deposits are made and verified within 2 working days. 

Can I downgrade to a lower package later if needed?

Yes, one optional downgrade is allowed every 12 months without charge if balance falls below requirements. 

Are there penalties if minimum balance slips later?

A monthly maintenance fee of ₦100-₦500 applies if balance remains below threshold more than twice in a month.


Thanks for reading to the very end. 

In summary, upgrading your UBA account is a straightforward way to optimise the value of your existing banking while accessing next-level features, limits and insurance coverage. 

Whether online via app or in-branch, the process takes under an hour once clear on package selection. UBA provides excellent upgraded options for individual customers, professionals and corporates to advance their overall banking experience and long-term financial goals. Do not hesitate to leverage an upgrade to take your banking to new heights.

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