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How to Block Kuda Bank Account When Phone is Stolen

Have you had your phone stolen recently and are worried about unauthorized access to your Kuda bank account? This can be an extremely stressful situation, but don’t panic, there are steps you can take to secure your account and protect your money. 

In this article, we will outline a clear process on how to Block Kuda Bank Account When Phone is Stolen

When your phone is stolen, cybercriminals now have access to any financial apps or account credentials stored on your device. 

With many online banking apps allowing login via fingerprint or facial recognition, it may be easy for thieves to access your accounts without passwords. Your Kuda account could be at serious risk if login details were saved to your phone. Time is critical to prevent fraud, so it’s important to act fast once you realize your phone has been stolen. 

Report the Stolen Phone to Your Carrier 

The first step is to contact your mobile carrier as soon as possible to report the device stolen and request a block on the IMEI/ESN number. 

This will prevent the phone from being reused even if the sim card is changed. Explain the situation and urgency in blocking the device to access potential banking Trojans could exploit. Most carriers can action an IMEI block within an hour for lost or stolen devices.

Cancel Any SIM Cards in the Stolen Phone

If the sim card in the stolen phone is yours, immediately contact your carrier to cancel the sim and issue a new one. Fraudsters could use the sim card number to access SMS banking codes required to verify transactions. Request the carrier notes your account to block any sim swaps from the stolen device IMEI.

Change Login Passwords for Financial Apps and Accounts

While waiting for the phone blocks, take action to secure your online accounts. 

Start by changing passwords for your Kuda app and online banking login. Choose a long, randomized password combination of letters, numbers and symbols that would be extremely difficult to guess. Avoid using personal details that could be deduced. Once complete, change passwords for any other financial apps or sites where credentials were stored on your stolen phone.

Report the Theft to Kuda Customer Care

Kuda provides multiple channels to alert them of any unauthorized access risks

Contact their customer care team via live chat, phone or email. Explain your phone was stolen and you’ve taken security steps but need them to freeze the account until new devices are verified. 

Use their website self-help options to freeze the account remotely. Go to “Account Security” then select “Report a concern”. Choose “Device stolen/lost” as the reason and fill in required details.

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Send a direct message from the Kuda app after installing it on your new phone. Verify your identity first before reporting the stolen device.

Request a block on all login access until you’ve replaced your devices and set up new two-factor authentication. Kuda aims to action account freezes within the hour for genuine theft reports.

Change Security Details on Your Kuda Account Profile 

For an added layer of protection, change a few extra security settings tied to the stolen device:

  • Update your contact details like phone number and email so any verification codes are sent securely to your new devices.
  • Replace existing one-time login codes which may have been noted down on the stolen phone. 
  • Enable new two-factor authentication for logins, using authentication apps on your replacement device instead of SMS.
  • Remove any saved device IDs and login methods associated with the stolen phone from your profile security overview page.
  • consider enabling facial recognition login which requires the actual device for access rather than simple credentials.

With all these changes, you minimize the window of risk even if thieves somehow bypassed the account freeze temporarily. The account is now secured with completely new access controls.

Report the Theft to Local Law Enforcement 

In addition to bank account security, you should lodge an official police report regarding the stolen phone itself. This creates an official record of the incident which may assist in potential future investigations if fraudulent activity arises from the device IMEI. 

Provide all identifying details like phone make/model and IMEI number to the report. Request a case number which can support evidence if needed for banks or carriers.

Replace Your Stolen Phone Device 

Once account security and police reports are filed, focus on replacing the actual stolen phone. Order a new phone either through insurance claims if applicable, or purchase a similar model outright if not insured. Set it up with a new phone number issued by your carrier to avoid linkage. Transfer essential apps, login credentials and accounts from your cloud backup where possible, and change passwords for everything during the setup process as an additional precaution. 

Monitor Bank Statements Closely

Even with quick actions taken, it’s possible unauthorized access may occur within the short window between theft and full account blocks. Check bank statements frequently for any unfamiliar transactions. 

Contact Kuda right away if any suspicious activity is spotted so they can investigate and reverse fraudulent items promptly. Request account statements going back past the theft date to review thoroughly. Continue monitoring closely for at least 3 months as advised by many fraud experts.

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To further reduce vulnerabilities beyond just the phone theft incident

  • Enable biometric or PIN protected screen locks on all devices 
  • Use a password manager to generate and store unique, complex passwords for all online accounts and apps
  • Enable login alerts and location services to detect unauthorized access attempts
  • Set account and app login sessions to expire after brief periods of inactivity
  • Avoid saving passwords or login credentials to devices or apps where possible  
  • Back up contacts, photos and files regularly to external storage like cloud services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete my account on Kuda?

To delete your Kuda account, you can send an email to help@kuda.com requesting account closure. In the email, clearly state your wish to delete your account. Once Kuda receives your request, they will proceed with deleting your account.

When you close your account, Kuda will delete any data you have previously provided, including the video of your face that was uploaded during account opening. However, you will remain responsible for any outstanding fees or charges on your account until it is fully settled.

Kuda allows you to close your account at any time and at no cost. If you have any questions or need further assistance with the account deletion process, you can reach out to Kuda’s customer support team.

How do I block my Kuda?

To block your Kuda card, follow these steps:

  • Open the Kuda app on your device.
  • Tap on the “Card” section.
  • Swipe the “Block Card” toggle to the right.

To unblock your card, simply swipe the “Block Card” toggle to the left. If you want to cancel your card, follow the process to block your card, then tap the red “Cancel Card” button and confirm by tapping “Yes”. Note that canceling your card will require you to request a new one, which will cost 1,000 naira.


Thanks for reading to the very end. 

Securing bank accounts and finances following device theft can feel overwhelming. However, by knowing the steps to block access, change credentials and monitor statements closely, you take necessary precautions to minimize risk of fraudulent activity. 

Staying vigilant even after the initial response is key. With prompt actions and continued vigilance, you can restore confidence in online security practices going forward. Please let me know if any other questions arise!

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