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List Of Visa Free Countries For Nigerians


Now the normal process when traveling outside the borders of Nigeria is obtaining a Nigerian passport after which you get a Visa permit of the country you are travelling to.

If you have ever had to pass through those processes before, you will know it is not as smooth as it sounds.

However, many people don’t know that there are some countries you can travel to as a Nigerian without  Visa permit.

You may not also need a Nigerian Passport but for identity, it is best you have it with you.

You can also find such relationship between most countries in Europe and Africa is not left out. The Governments of the various countries in Africa are doing a great job in getting a strongly mutual relationship with other countries that would benefit their citizens.

So without wasting any more time, let us get started.


This is a very beautiful country along the island coast of the Caribbean island. As that implies, there are a lot of fun recreational parks, including nature made centers such as beaches and caves.

If that sounds interesting to you now, you can just get going without any stress.


This is another great country that is almost fully recovering from natural disasters such as earthquakes. If you ask me, this is a great tourist centers and the Government is making good use of that.


Another country at the east of Africa that is so beautiful to behold. Apart from being a visa free country for Nigerians, it also has a lot of well maintained beaches and rain forest for your fun and pleasure.

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Certainly Africa is very blessed.


Many people think of Liberia as a war and terrorism zone and most of all, the hub of human trafficking in Africa but this is not fully true as there are still some parts of Liberia that are fun to visit.

To go to Liberia from Nigeria, all you need is to book a flight or you can even go via road using an intra country road transport.

You need no visa permit and no entry fee, just your Nigerian Passport as a means of Identification.


If there is one place I never believed was in Africa some years back, it would be Madagascar. It is a well developed city in Africa which is growing at a very fast rate in all aspect of National development.

Also one of the main relaxation countries for Africans who can’t or don’t want to go out of Africa.

The cost of living in Madagascar is quite affordable and am very sure that your stay will be memorable


Well known for their contribution and immerse championship in the sport events across Africa and the world.

They have a very welcoming aspect of hospitality and the cost of living in Mali is very affordable for Nigerians


Certainly, this list will not be complete if I don’t add Ghana to it. It is no longer news that anyone in Nigeria can easily go to Ghana and they will be welcomed with love.

There are so many other countries in Africa that a Nigerian can visit without a Visa permit but these are the most visited of by Nigerians.