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Canada Visa Application – How to Get a Temporary Resident Visa in Canada

Canada Visa Requirements for Temporary Workers – How to Get a Temporary Resident Visa in Canada

Canada Work permits are issued to a number of workers including temporary workers, business people, and permanent workers. You are able to apply for a work permit from outside Canada, within Canada, or at the point of entry. The eligibility requirements for Canada will change based on where you apply from.

For temporary workers, you will find eligibility requirements to meet up when applying for a Canadian work permit.

For instance, you must provide proof of the following:

  • That you plan to leave Canada when your work permit expires.
  • Of sufficient funds to return home and to take care of yourself and any family members coming with you.
  • Police clearance certificate.

You must also:

  • Be in good health (a medical exam may be required).
  • Plan to work for an eligible employer (i.e., no strip clubs, escort services, or erotic massage places).
  • Appropriate documents to enter Canada.

How to Get a Temporary Resident Visa in Canada

If you are wondering how to apply for a temporary residence visa (TRV) or even how to become a Canadian permanent resident, this subsection gives an overview of how to do so.

The application for a temporary resident visa (also known as a visitor visa) is found online on the Government of Canada website. Applications are completed, submitted, and paid for online. This type of visa is issued for people coming to visit Canada, including people coming to do business, and must be obtained before arrival into Canada. Any family members coming along are also required to fill out and submit their own application for a TRV.

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Requirements and Fees for Canadian Visa

Some of the conditions in order to be issued your TRV are:

  • Proof that you will leave at the end of your stay.
  • Proof of sufficient finances.
  • No intention to work or study unless authorized.
  • No criminal record.
  • Not a risk to Canadian security.
  • Medical exam (if required).
  • Biometrics (if required).

The fee to apply for the TRV is 100 CAD (75 USD) plus biometrics if needed, which costs 85 CAD (65 USD).