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Canada Study Permit for Kids: Things you must know before you apply for Visa to Canada For A Minor

Welcome to your favourite Scholarship, internship and job opportunities website. In today’article I going to discuss about  what you need to apply for if you are traveling to Canada as a worker or a student and you’re wanting to take your minor children with you.That sounds right, right?  What I mean by “minor“ are children who are not yet of the age that requires them to attend a post-secondary institution.

What do you need to apply for on their behalf to take a minor  along with you to Canada?

Seun Ogun is my name, and I’m a Canadian immigration lawyer. I help skilled workers who are inside Canada and those who are outside Canada become Canadian permanent residents without having to deal with all of the complicated immigration rules that are part of that process.

If you intend to immigrate to Canada as a worker, student, or simply a visitor, you might consider what kind of status certificate you will require if you want to bring young children (minor) with you.

For the purposes of Canadian immigration law, a minor child is someone who is either under the age of 18 or under the age of 19, depending on the province in Canada that you want to visit. Here we see that people in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan don’t get to the age of majority, meaning they remain minors until they get to the age of 18, while that changes for the other provinces. However, a miner is somebody who’s of  the to the age of 19 and above.

If the person is above the age of 18 what type of document must you posses?

If the person is not a minor, then that person may have to apply for their own status document on their own.

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If they want to come to Canada, for instance, as a worker and you have a minor child who you want to take with you, meaning this is a child who’s not yet reached the age that requires them to attend a post-graduate institution, then you  need to apply for a study permit on behalf of that child.

In essence, what I meant was that, minor children who want to study in Canada must apply for a study permit before they enter Canada, and this includes minor children who come with parents who already have a work or study permit.

So if you’re taking your minor child to Canada and that child is of school age, let’s say that child is six years of age or older, you will need to apply for a study permit on behalf of that child.

If the child is younger than six or five years old, then that child would not be of school age, and therefore a study permit naturally would not apply. In that instance, you’d apply for a visitor record on behalf of the child.

It’s important to know that, people who want  to come to Canada need to first get what’s called an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution inside Canada.

However, this does not apply to minors who would be studying at elementary or high schools. They do not need an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution.

Do you have any chance if the permit expires when you arrive in Canada?

It’s crucial to understand that you have the option of applying for a new study permit or an extension inside Canada that will be tied to your status document.

However, your child’s study permit will be attached to your work permit if you are in the country on a work permit and need to extend it.

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This means that it will be renewed for the same period of time as your work permit. On the other hand, if you arrived in Canada with a child who was too young to start school, such as a toddler, and you’ve been living here for some time, and the child is now old enough to start school, you do not need to apply for a study permit for the child.

It’s important to be aware that some provinces may still require a study permit for a child in order to ensure that the child benefits from all of the provincial social services that are available in that province.

Generally speaking, a child who entered Canada on a visitor record and is now prepared to enroll in school would not need to apply for a study permit but rather would be able to do so at the provincial level.

Of course, like most other rules, there are exceptions, and one of the exceptions to this rule is that if your child is a U.S. national, then that child is required to apply for a study permit. You do not have to include an application for that child in your initial application.

If you yourself are not a U.S. national, the child who is a U.S. national may apply for a study permit at the point in time when they enter Canada and arrive at the port of entry.

They may at that point apply for their study permit by requesting it from the immigration officer.

They do not need to file an application beforehand in order to be eligible for a study permit. So I trust you found value in this article. Thanks for reading to this very end.

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