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Belgium Visa Requirement: How To Migrate To Belgium


If you are having plans to visit Belgium in the nearest future for a visit or trip and you are wondering, what would I need to apply for a Belgium Visa?

It is also important to know that Belgium is fast becoming a major district for people all over the world to visit for relaxation and all forms business trips and the direct consequence is melted down on the ease of getting a visa to Belgium, especially when you are coming from a developing country like Nigeria.

So it is important that you acquire enough knowledge regarding acquiring a Belgium Visa before taking the second step.

Guess what the first step is, reading this article as it will make the rest process go on very smooth.

It also a well known fact that Belgium is a great place for those Nigerians thinking of studying abroad has they offer one of the cheapest tertiary tuition fee in the world coupled with their low cost of living making it sort of affordable for a handful of Nigerians.

So now we know what we are up to, let us dive into what it entails.


To obtain a Belgium Visa in Nigeria, after checking your financial status and social status (pending court cases, criminal investigations and a lot more), you have to meet the following requirement:

Requirement 1: A valid international passport (not ECOWAS passport) and it must have at least two vacant space for the space and other signatures

Requirement 2: Two recent passport photographs clearly showing the face.

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Requirement 3: An original copy of previous visa if any

Requirement 4: A travel insurance package

Requirement 5: A cover letter which in clear terms state your purpose of going to Belgium. It is advisable to get a legal practitioner to write one for you.

Requirement 6: Proof of settlement o accommodation such as hotel bookings or where you are going to stay.

Requirement 7: Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate



To be frank with you, the cost of a Belgium visa depends on mainly two things which include the duration of the visa and the purpose but mostly on the duration.

For short term visa which is usually around three months when there is no restriction involves, the average cost is about 60 EUR for adults and 35 EUR for children while for LONG STAY visa, it cost about 180 EUR.


If you are just going for a tour or probably a visit then the short term visa is the right way to go.

However, if you plan to study or even work overseas, the long stay visa is what will grant you access to the license.



The time it takes start from 12 working days to four working weeks.

However, it may vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and your travelling history.