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Most Popular Foods in Nigeria For Visa Immigrants


Certainly, traveling without tasting some new foods is not complete, so how about getting to know some Nigerians foods before getting to Nigeria.

That is what I am here to do today.

Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the most popular food around Nigeria (some are also common around other countries in Africa) and of course, by just reading this content you would have a slight idea of how they taste because I am going to give you a glimpse into the preparation method and ingredients used.

So without wasting any more time, let us get started.


If you haven’t heard of Jollof rice which is a very stable food in Africa, you are missing out on a lot. Jollof rice is not just a prominent food in Africa, it is also a trend.

It is prepared by partially boiling together rice with the basic stew ingredients such as tomatoes, magi, onions etc.

It  comes  with a very attractive color and can be served hot with any other addition.


This is another food that people in Nigeria, especially the south south do not joke with.

It is prepared by boiling yam without salt or any ingredients and after which pounded it as the name implies. Through various pounded modules, the end result happens to be a muzzle of food which can be served with any soup.

Here in Nigeria, it is most commonly served with either Egusi soup or Ogbono soup.


This is also called melon soup but due to the tribe it seems to have more prominence, it is called egusi soup.

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It is prepared by grinding melon seeds and cooking it with palm oil with other ingredients such as pumpkin leaves, dried fish and other spices.


This is another prominent food that is on the move in Nigeria. It has an English name “beans cake or beans balls” because it is made out of beans.

It is mainly into two types and the type is determined by the type of oil used in frying it.

You can either use groundnut oil or palm oil.


This is more popularly called fried plantain by people outside the country is a prominent food and is very popular in Nigeria probably due to the abundance of plantain plantation.

It prepared by slicing ripe plantain and then frying it in hot groundnut oil.


This is a very enticing meal completely dominated and prepared by people from the northern part of Nigeria, the Hausa.

It is actually beef barbeque but prepared in a more unique way to give it that special suya flavor.

It is mostly prepared at Nights at famous joints.

Some top players in the market add cabbage, onions and sometimes even tomatoes to their preparation package.


This is my favorite. It is just roasted plantain but the mode at which it is being prepared by our African women is very special, trust me.

The best combination for eating roasted plantain in Nigeria include groundnut or a specially prepared tomato sauce.

So that is it, there are a lot more food that could be added to this list but this can get you started.

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Finally guess what, these foods are very cheap and affordable and you can get anyone of them for as low as $1. Am not kidding.