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 How To Do BVN Change Of Name, Date of Birth In Nigeria 

Have you recently gotten married and need to change your name on official documents? Or perhaps you discovered an error in your date of birth? Changing your Bank Verification Number (BVN) details in Nigeria can be an important process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In this in-depth guide, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to request a BVN update for your name or date of birth from start to finish.

 When I got married a few years ago, I knew I needed to update my legal name on important documents like my passport, driver’s license, and of course, my bank records. Going to the bank to request a BVN change seemed pretty straightforward, but I soon discovered it was more complicated than I expected. 

After some frustration going back and forth between the bank and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), I finally got it sorted. In sharing my experience, I hope others can benefit from what I learned to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Your BVN and What Can Be Changed

Before getting started, it’s important to understand exactly what a BVN is and the types of details it contains that can be modified. Your Bank Verification Number is a unique 10-digit number issued to you by the CBN that is linked to your bank accounts. It contains the following core details

1 Name

Your full legal name as it appears on your national ID card (international passport, driver’s license, national ID card). This is what can be updated if you change your name through marriage or other legal process.

2. Date of Birth 

Your date of birth as documented on your national ID. Mistakes made at birth registration can sometimes be corrected by changing your date of birth on your BVN.

3. Other Identifying Information

Your BVN also contains details like your gender, address, and ID number that are generally not changeable once issued. Only your name and/or date of birth can be officially updated on an existing BVN.

To request a BVN update, you’ll need to provide certain documentation to verify your identity and validate the requested change. The key documents required include:

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Recent Passport Photograph

A recent color passport photograph with a white background. Make sure it follows standard passport photo guidelines for clarity and size. 

National ID Card  

Your original and valid national ID card (international passport or driver’s license). This is important for verifying your core identity details.

Marriage Certificate (if changing name only)

If changing your name due to marriage, you’ll need an original marriage certificate issued by the appropriate government agency. 

Birth Certificate (if correcting date of birth)

To correct a mistake on your date of birth, you may need to provide your original birth certificate for verification against government records.

BVN Printout

You can request a printout of your current BVN details in person at any bank branch. Make sure to bring the original copy to submit with your change request.

Taking the time to gather these necessary documents ahead of applying will help streamline the process and prevent unnecessary delays. Make photocopies to include with your application for record-keeping as well.

How to Start the BVN Change Process 

Now that you have the required identity documents assembled, it’s time to begin the formal BVN change request. Your first step is to visit any bank branch where you have an account. Explain to the teller or account officer that you need to initiate a BVN update process. They will direct you as follows

Fill Out Application Form  

Complete the CBN standardized BVN Change Request form providing your current details and the desired change (name or date of birth). Attach recent photos.

Submit Documents

Submit the completed form along with all original identification documents for verification and authentication by the bank compliance team. 

Application Review & Screening  

Bank staff will thoroughly review your application and documents to confirm accuracy before submitting the request to CBN for processing. This may take 1-2 weeks.

Await Processing By CBN

Once approved by your bank, CBN will update your details on the central BVN database. You can expect the full review and processing to take 4-6 weeks total.

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Verify Change Was Made

Upon completion, CBN will notify your bank who can provide you an updated BVN printout. Cross-check that your requested change was correctly made before considering the update complete.

Following the proper steps through your bank ensures accurate handling of your personal information with the experts. Be sure to ask questions if any part of the process needs clarification. Overall timing will vary based on application volume and reviews required.

Potential Issues & Troubleshooting Tips

While aiming to complete the BVN update smoothly, it’s possible you may face some hiccups along the way. Here are a few potential issues to watch out for and ways you can resolve them

Mismatched ID Details 

If information on your ID documentation does not exactly match your records, banks will reject the application and request clarification. Be prepared for extra verification steps in such cases. 

Incomplete Application

Missing any required fields or document attachments can delay processing until completed properly. Double check everything is submitted fully before final submission.

Fraudulent Documentation

Intentional forgeries or invalid documents will result in automatic rejection of the request and could impact future attempts. Ensure all identity proofs are authentic original copies.  

Processing Lag Time  

Some wait periods longer than estimated may simply be due to high volume at this time. Follow up politely with your bank and CBN contacts if not resolved within 8-10 weeks total.


In conclusion, changing your personal details via a BVN update in Nigeria does require some effort but following the standardized process through your bank makes it quite straightforward. 

The key is being well-prepared with the correct documentation, understanding what can and can’t be modified, and allowing sufficient time for thorough verification of your identity proofs. 

With diligence and the right approach, you can confidently handle any hiccups that may arise along the way as well. Overall, taking care of a legal BVN change helps keep your official records accurately reflecting your personal information – an important part of managing your digital identity in today’s digital world.

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