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Germany Visa Application Guide: How To Apply For German Visa


Germany is the dream country of many Nigeria because of the industrious nature of the country, therefore if any hard working Nigeria often times get to settle down in Germany without any immigration complications, they don’t find it a problem surviving in the economy.

Although the official language of Germany is German, a lot of organizations still accept the world’s default language which is English.

Even at that, countries that share the same borders with Germany such as Holland also called Netherland also adopt English as their main language, and it may also interest you to know that you do not need a visa or any form of paperwork to travel from Germany to Holland, all you need to just do is board a train.

So with that being said, we have being able to establish the fact that Germany is a very welcoming and lucrative country for not just Africans but also Nigerians to be précised.

So today, we are going to dive into the visa fee and requirements as well as other things you should know when planning to travel to Germany.

Let’s get right into it.

Visa Requirements When Travelling To German

To travel to Germany, all you need is the basic visa requirement as covered in our previous post which includes your birth certificate, your Nigerian passport etc.

With all those intact, you are ready to head straight to the Germany Embassy in Nigeria to request for a Visa.

However, there are some fees you will have to pair.

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To obtain a Visa from the Germany embassy, their immigration policy requires you pay a Visa application fee which varies based on the parental Nationalism, age and purpose of the Visa.

The whole calculation process is quite complex so all I will have ti do is just give you a bird’s eye glimpse into what you are to expect when you call the Embassy to inquire.

You can also visit some sites that offer an up to date Visa calculator.

One other thing I must not fail to add is that there are some categories of people who are not expecting to pay the fee.

If you fall into any of the following categories below, the visa application process is free for you.

These set of people are offered a free Visa application process:

  • Children who are less than the age of six
  • Scientific researchers travelling with the aim of research work
  • Representatives of any registered Non Governmental Organization younger than the age of 25
  • If you have a parent who is a citizen of Germany
  • If you got any first tier relative who is a European Union National


You are expected to pay your visa application fee at the Germany embassy in cash when you are about to submit your documents.

Please do not be defrauded by criminals as this is the only way they currently accept payments.

Also, having a clear understanding of your trip such as the purpose, durations and accommodation provision could make the process a lot more faster.