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Cheapest Universities To Study Abroad


For the past couple of months now, ASUU which is the association of Nigerian lecturers have being on strike and a lot of students are now looking for opportunities to get out of the country for the purpose of studying.

While it is a very great idea, the cost of living outside the borders of Nigeria is something that cannot be afforded by a majority of families in Nigeria.

So today, I am going to show you some of the cheapest and most affordable options you have as a Nigerian aspiring to study outside the borders of Nigeria.

Top courses that could be very lucrative when studied overseas include medicine and surgery, nursing and mostly other technology related courses like computer science and computer engineering.

So without wasting any more time, let us show you what you want to see.

1 Germany

Thanks to the German government, students from all over the world can enjoy a tuition free Tertiary education in most of the universities found in German. However, you may still have to pay for other things such as shelter, books, transportation etc.

Some other universities that are not included in the free tuition fee program have their tuition fee as low as #120,000.

If you ask me, that is quite affordable for a mass of Nigerians as well.

The only reason why Nigerians are not flooding the universities in German is because of the naira to euro exchange rate which will  make living very expensive.

2 Belgium

Belgium  is one of the very few countries outside Nigeria with a relatively low cost of living as well as high and extremely quality living standard.

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However, the cost of education instates around Belgium goes from a whooping 2000 eur to 5000 eur which is currently equivalent to half a million naira to two million naira per each academic year.

3 Hungary

When comparing academic and accommodation free across countries in the World, Hungary has an advantage over a lot of them as the cost of accommodation are quite affordable when compared to other European countries.

The average tuition fee for universities in hungry is around #300,000 to half a million naira for each academic year.

4 Italy

Italy is referred to one of the best countries to study art related courses at a great price.

Coupled with the well structured economical system, students can find great side job to fuel their studies.

Typically, the average tuition fee of Universities in Nigeria is #550,000.

If you ask me, that is quite affordable.

5 France

France is ranked as one of the best places to study in the World. It may also interest you to know that they offer extremely low tuition fee to both local and international students.

So if you got no one in France and you still want to escape the mirage of studying in Nigeria, you can chose to opt in for their online classes and courses which is very advanced and convenient for people living outside the borders of France.

It may also shock you to know that tuition fees in France can go as low as #65,000 per academic year.


I hope that list really inspired you and sent home the fact that not only the rich can study abroad.

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