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Canada Visa Application

Canada Visa Application

Ways to acquire a Canadian visa depend mostly on the sort of visa you intend to acquire. However, these are steps you should proceed through before you obtain a Canadian visa.

Learn if you should be entitled to a visa: Before you go through the application for a Canada visa, you must first discover if you should be entitled to a program. This can show your chances of having been approved for a visa.

For this function, the Canadian government organizes questions that those intending to acquire a Canadian visa, will first answer to check their chances for finding a visa. You are able to navigate through the Canadian website here, to check your chances of having been approved for a visa.

How To Apply For Canada Visa

Create an Online Account

Haven’t taken the test, the info is going to be passed across for your requirements, on if you are entitled to a visa or not. If you should be entitled to a visa, you’re to proceed to generate an on the web account. You will find two major ways by which you may create an online  account including:

  • Developing a government of Canada login
  • Utilizing your online banking login.

Either of the 2 ways which are convenient for you personally, take advantage of it, however, you’ll still need to take advantage of your banking login, to produce payment for the visa fee.

Compile your Canada visa documents

Once you’ve successfully created an account, you are going to be asked to log in. Documents are going to be required from one to upload on the sites, on the basis of the visa you’re eligible for. You’ll find the set of required documents here

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Pay The Canada Visa fee

On successful completion of one’s documents uploads, you are going to be asked to cover your visa fee. The visa fee depends on the sort of visa you’re applying for. Once your payment has been verified, your application is going to be submitted.

Usually, it will take no less than 5 working days for the application form to seem on your own account. If you should be applying for a visa personally, you are able to take the necessary documents to the Canadian embassy in your house country.

Wait For Processing Of Your Canada Visa

If you have completed your visa application, your visa usually takes a couple of weeks or even more to obtain processed with respect to the kind of visa you applied for. Keep in mind that, the Immigration board may request more documents from you if have to warrant so.

In a few instances, you may well be asked to wait for an interview, once you apply online. If you should be asked to wait for an interview, you will need to book an appointment with the Canadian embassy in your house country, or they’ll book one for you. While opting for your interview, endeavor to choose your entire required documents.

After your interview, the embassy will determine, whether you qualify for an interview or not.

Submit Your Passport and Processing Fee

If your Canada visa application gets successful, you’ll be given a mail, that the Visa has been approved. The following thing for you really to do would be to submit your passport together with your processing fee.

The processing fee you are going to be paying is dependent upon the sort of visa you requested, which ranges from $20 to $50.

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You are able to submit your passport and processing fee, by submitting it physically or mailing it to the address of the Canadian embassy in your house country. If they receive your mail, they’ll stamp your visa on your own passport and mail it back once again to you.

Can I help Someone Get yourself a Canada Visa?

Yes, you can. When you have a member of family, friends, and family remaining in other countries. You are able to send them an invitation letter in the future and join you in Canada. However, ensure that the letter contains these

  • Name and date of birth
  • Their contact information
  • The partnership you share
  • Where they will always be
  • The main reason they wish to arrive in Canada
  • How they’ll finance their trip
  • Just how long they intend in which to stay Canada and when they’ll leave

It must contain these facts about you.

  • Your residential status in Canada (Canadian citizen or permanent resident)
  • Your occupation
  • How many individuals are now living in your household
  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your loved ones’ details – names and dates of birth of one’s immediate family unit members (spouse and dependents)

Furthermore, remember that sending them an invitation letter doesn’t guarantee that they may get approved for a visa.


Applying for a Canadian visa requires that you first check the one that best suits you planning a trip to Canada.

If your application gets rejected, you have the right to use it again, so long as at this point you have additional required information or documents.