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How to Block Your Palmpay Account When Your Phone is Stolen

Losing your phone can be incredibly stressful, especially if it contains sensitive personal and financial information. With Palmpay, all your bank account details are accessible via the app. In this article, we will outline simple steps you can take to block access to your Palmpay account if your phone gets stolen in order to protect yourself from potential fraud or theft. 

Imagine this, you’re rushing to catch your bus in Lagos when suddenly you realize with panic that your phone is no longer in your pocket.

 Someone must have picked your pocket in the crowded station. 

With your phone gone, how can you be sure the thief won’t access your personal apps and bank accounts? Follow these steps to secure your Palmpay account right away.

Report Your Phone Stolen

The first thing you need to do is call your mobile carrier and report that your phone has been stolen. They will be able to block the IMEI number of your device so that even if the thief tries to use your SIM card in another phone, they won’t be able to access cellular data or make calls.

Log Into Palmpay Via Web

If you have access to another device, log into your Palmpay account through the website rather than the app. This ensures any logins from the stolen device will be blocked.

Change Login Credentials  

Once logged in through the website, change your Palmpay login credentials such as password, PIN, and security questions/answers so the thief can no longer access your account even if they have your phone. Choose a long, random password that would be difficult to guess.

Deactivate Biometric Authentication

If fingerprint or facial recognition was enabled on your phone, deactivate biometric authentication on your Palmpay account as well since the thief may be able to use your biometric data to access the app on the stolen phone.

Report Your Account As Stolen

Contact Palmpay customer support immediately to report that your phone and account have been stolen. Representatives can put a hold on transactions and put extra security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access until you regain control of your account information. Provide details of the incident and your contact information for verification.

File A Police Report     

For legal and documentation purposes, it’s important to file a police report regarding the theft of your phone. The police report number may be necessary when disputing unauthorized transactions. 

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Mention in the report any financial or personal apps accessed through the stolen phone so the proper authorities can look into fraudulent activity, if needed. Request additional copies of the police report for your records and dealings with customer support.

Monitor Your Accounts Closely

Even after taking prompt security measures, it’s still a good idea to remain vigilant and monitor all your linked accounts – both financial and personal – for any suspicious activity over the coming days and weeks. 

Be on the lookout for unrecognized withdrawals, charges on your statements, changes to personal details, and alerts regarding access attempts from unknown locations. React immediately by contacting the relevant institutions if you spot anything dubious. Consider placing fraud alerts with the credit bureaus as well.

Check Transaction History 

Closely review all recent transactions recorded in your Palmpay account. Look for any debits, withdrawals or money transfers you did not authorize. Since your credentials were compromised, it’s possible someone may have emptied your account if they got in before you could change your login details. Dispute any unrecognized activity right away.

Verify Recent Login Locations

Checking the login locations associated with recent logins can also reveal if unauthorized access was attempted from elsewhere. You would expect to see only login locations you recognize like your home or usual spots. Unknown IP addresses or locations different than yours indicate the thief may have accessed your account online.    

Subscribe To Notification Alerts

Enabling notification alerts through the Palmpay app can provide an extra layer of security and help you detect suspicious activity in real-time. You’ll receive alerts about logins, payments, transfers, changes to your profile and more – directly on your new device even before checking statements. This makes it easy to stay on top of your account activity.

Now that you have your account secured and old device blocked, the focus shifts to protecting your information on the replacement device. Here are some key steps:

Enable Screen Lock

Set a strong password or PIN to lock the screen of your new phone when not in use. Avoid simple, guessable codes.

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Activate Find My Device 

The find my device feature allows you to track, ring, lock or wipe your phone remotely in case it gets lost or stolen again. This acts as an effective theft deterrent. 

Be wary of installing unofficial apps from third-party sources, as they could enable malware and data theft on your new device. Stick to secure app marketplaces.

Ensuring all apps and the operating system on your device are updated to the latest versions helps patch vulnerabilities that threats could exploit. Enable auto-update for hassle-free security.

Use Strong, Unique Passwords 

Never use the same passwords across accounts. Opt for unique, long and randomized credentials on each app and website to prevent account takeovers even if one gets compromised. 


While losing your phone can feel devastating, taking prompt action like what we outlined above helps mitigate risks and limit damage. With quick reporting, changing login details, monitoring accounts closely and enabling extra security on the replacement device, you’ve significantly reduced chances of someone accessing your personal information, making unauthorized transactions or committing identity theft. Staying one step ahead keeps your sensitive data protected.


How do you block your account on PalmPay?

To block your PalmPay account, follow these steps:

  • Find someone to help you log in: If your phone is lost or stolen, find someone with a phone where you can log in to your PalmPay account or email account.
  • Once logged in, click on the main section, then contact customer service. You can reach them through their mobile phone number or email.
  • Request account blocking: Inform PalmPay customer service that your phone is lost or stolen and request them to block your account to prevent unauthorized access.
  • It’s essential to act quickly to prevent anyone who has your phone from accessing your PalmPay account and making transactions.

What is the USSD code for PalmPay?

The USSD code for PalmPay is *652#. This code can be used to perform various transactions without the PalmPay app, such as:

  • Checking your account balance
  • Transferring funds
  • Paying bills (e.g. water bills)
  • Topping up betting wallets

To use the USSD code, simply dial *652# on your phone and follow the prompts.

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