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How to make money on likee; how many followers do you need to get paid on likee, How to withdraw money from likee

Making money through social media is definitely possible in this day and age. One platform that allows users to earn real money is Likee – a popular video sharing app especially in Asia. In this in-depth guide, I will explain exactly how the Likee monetization works, how many followers you need to get paid, and how to withdraw earnings if you’re in Nigeria. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of Likee’s money making potential.

When I first discovered Likee about two years ago, I was fascinated by the vibrant creator community and wanted to try growing my own follower base. I started by posting short comedy and dance videos a few times a week. It was slow going at first, but overtime as I refined my content strategy and engaged more with fans, my numbers started rising steadily. Within six months I surpassed 10,000 followers.

How the Likee Partner Program Works

Once you reach certain follower milestones, you become eligible to join Likee’s partner program and start monetizing your profile. Here are the main tiers

Level 1 (1,000 Followers) 

At 1,000 followers, you can apply to join the Level 1 partner program. This allows you to start adding your bank account details to receive earnings.

Level 2 (5,000 Followers)

Reaching 5,000 followers advances you to Level 2. In addition to earning from your own content, you also get a portion of revenue from any followers you bring to the platform.

Level 3 (10,000 Followers) 

Level 3 is the highest tier currently available on Likee. With over 10,000 followers, you gain access to exclusive creator events and promotional opportunities to help grow your audience even faster.

How to make money on Likee

The ways you can earn on Likee include:

Video Views

Likee pays creators based on the number of views their videos receive. Payout ranges from $0.0001 to $0.0005 per view depending on follower count and engagement levels.

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Fan Gifts 

Fans can purchase virtual gifts and send them to creators during live streams as a way to show support. Gift revenue is shared between Likee and creators.


Larger creators with very engaged audiences are sometimes offered brand sponsorships or promotions where they get paid to mention or use a product in their content.

Affiliate Marketing 

If you have a very large following, Likee may introduce you to affiliate programs where you earn a commission for driving sales of promoted products and services.

To give you an idea of realistic earnings, most creators report earning a few hundred dollars per month with between 10,000-50,000 followers. The top 1% of creators with over 500,000 followers have been known to earn over $10,000/month.

How to Grow Your Followers on Likee 

To boost your income potential through the partner program, focus on follower growth. Here are some effective tactics

Engage in Trending Hashtags 

Pay attention to hashtags that are popping off and get your clips involved so more people see your profile when browsing those tags.

Go Live Regularly 

Live streaming lets fans interact directly with you in real-time. Schedule consistent times so your supporters start tuning in routinely. 

Create Reels and Shorts

Make short, snappy clips in popular vertical formats. These are optimized for discovery and going viral on Likee and other platforms.

Cross-Promote on Other Apps

Encourage your TikTok, Instagram or YouTube followers to also follow you on Likee for more regular behind-the-scenes content. 

Leverage Duets and Stitching 

Respond to viral videos from bigger creators to get your profile in front of new eyes. This can lead to collaborations too.

Withdrawing Earnings in Nigeria

Once you reach the minimum payout threshold of $50, you can request to withdraw your funds from the partner program dashboard. Likee currently supports withdrawals to

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1 Payoneer 

Payoneer is one of the most common payment processors for international withdrawals. They have strong presence in Nigeria which allows seamless transfers to local bank accounts.

2. PayPal

PayPal can also work for receiving money in Nigeria, though their fees tend to be higher than Payoneer. Make sure your PayPal account is verified for withdrawals.

The payout normally arrives in your payment account within 10-15 business days after requesting it from Likee’s end. Be sure to double check any tax obligations for earning income in your country as well.


How long until I see earnings?

It can take a couple months of regular posting and follower growth before you reach the eligibility thresholds to join the partner program and see your first payouts arrive. Be consistent and patient during this initial phase.

What content performs best? 

Comedy, dancing, lip-syncing, pranks and challenges are staples on Likee. But the most important thing is producing content that authentically matches your personality and interests. Engage with your community to learn what they enjoy watching from you.


While it requires dedication and strategy, earning a meaningful side income through a platform like Likee is very achievable. Focus on optimizing your profile for discovery, engaging your growing fanbase, and applying best practices for content, growth hacking and monetization as your numbers scale up. 

With time and effort, you could potentially generate thousands of extra naira every month from an app you enjoy using anyway. I hope this guide has provided valuable insights into how the process works. Let me know if you have any other Likee money making questions!

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