How Much are Tecno Phones in EasyBuy 

    When I was in the market for a new smartphone last year, I did a lot of research on prices at different retail stores in Nigeria. As someone who wants a lot of bang for their buck, I was drawn to the deals often advertised for Tecno phones. However, I wasn’t sure which store offered the best prices. After checking various stores online and asking friends for recommendations, EasyBuy kept coming up as one of the most affordable options. 

    Curious to see their prices in person, I made my way down to the EasyBuy store in my neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon. The store was bustling with customers browsing the large selection of phones. An employee greeted me and asked what type of phone I was interested in. After sharing that I wanted to compare Tecno prices, he guided me to the Tecno section.

    Comparing Tecno Phone Models and Prices

    The first thing I noticed was the wide range of Tecno phones available from entry-level to higher-end models. Some of the popular models I saw included

    Feature Tecno Spark 5 Tecno Spark 5 Pro Tecno Camon 15 Premier Tecno Phantom 9
    RAM 2GB 3GB 6GB 6GB
    Storage 32GB 64GB 128GB 128GB
    Display 6.6″ HD+ 6.6″ HD+ dot-in 6.4″ FHD+ 6.4″ FHD+ Super AMOLED
    Rear Camera 5MP 13MP + 2MP + AI 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + AI 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 13MP
    Front Camera 8MP Same as rear Same as rear Same as rear
    Battery 4,000mAh 5,000mAh 4,000mAh 4,500mAh
    Starting Price ₦38,000 ₦45,000 ₦80,000 ₦95,000

    After comparing the specs and prices of different models, I realized the Spark 5 Pro fit my budget the best while still offering decent specs like a large battery and triple rear camera setup. The employee also explained any phone purchases came with a 1-year warranty and I could pay in installments if needed. 

    Payment Options and Discounts

    One thing I appreciated about EasyBuy is they offer flexible payment options for customers. In addition to cash or card payments, you can split the cost over 3, 6 or 12 months through their zero interest installment plan. This made the Spark 5 Pro much more affordable at just ₦15,000 per month. 

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    The employee also mentioned they often run promotions offering additional discounts. For example, earlier that month they had a rebate offer where customers got ₦3,000 off any Tecno phone purchase. While the promotion had ended, he said to keep an eye on their social media for upcoming deals.

    Before finalizing my purchase, I wanted to know what support to expect in case of any issues. I was assured of their quality assurance process to prevent defects and the 1-year comprehensive warranty covering manufacturer defects. 

    If problems did arise, I could walk into any EasyBuy service center countrywide for free diagnosis and repairs. Some common issues like software bugs could even be fixed over the phone. Overall, their commitment to customer satisfaction put me at ease.

    Purchasing and Setting Up My New Phone

    I decided to go ahead with the Spark 5 Pro since it met all my needs. The employee processed the payment for my first installment and helped me activate the phone. Within minutes, I was personalizing my new device and exploring its features.  

    In the one month since my purchase, I’ve been very pleased with both the phone’s performance and EasyBuy’s service. The price was certainly reasonable given what I got. I’d happily shop at EasyBuy again in the future based on my experience.

    Comparing to Other Stores

    Having now purchased from EasyBuy, I was curious how their prices compared to other electronics stores in Nigeria. 

    • Slot stores generally charge 5-10% higher for most phones depending on model and demand.
    • Konga/Jumia online prices are similar but you’d need to factor in delivery costs. 
    • Phones offered on Killexpress tend to be cheaper imports lacking warranty.
    • Approved dealer stores usually match EasyBuy’s prices to remain competitive.

    So in summary, EasyBuy offers very reasonable prices especially when you consider the warranty, financing options and occasional sales. The large store network also makes after-sales support more accessible nationwide.

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    FAQs about Purchasing Tecno Phones at EasyBuy

    How much interest does Easybuy charge?

    Easybuy charges the following interest rates on their loans.

    For the 3 month (91 day) repayment plan, the monthly interest rate is 9%, while for the 6 month (180 day) repayment plan, the monthly interest rate is 6%.

    For example, if you purchase a phone worth ₦50,000 and choose the 3 month repayment plan with a 30% deposit (₦15,000), the total interest paid over 3 months would be ₦13,500. So the total amount paid back to Easybuy would be ₦48,500 (₦35,000 loan + ₦13,500 interest).

    With the 6 month repayment plan for the same ₦50,000 phone, the total interest paid over 6 months would be ₦18,000. The total amount repaid would be ₦53,000 (₦35,000 loan + ₦18,000 interest).

     What payment methods do EasyBuy accept? 

    EasyBuy accepts cash, all major debit/credit cards, and transfers from banks like GTBank, AccessBank, UBA etc. You can also split the cost over 3-6-12 months with their zero interest instalment plans.

     Do they offer home delivery?

    Currently EasyBuy only offers in-store pickups. However, they are working to launch an online store and home delivery option in major cities later this year. 


    In conclusion, for value and affordable payment options, EasyBuy is one of the best stores to purchase Tecno phones in Nigeria today. Their extensive range of models starting from as low as ₦38,000 cater to all budgets. 

    The 1-year warranty and widespread service centers also offer buyers peace of mind. While the prices may not be the absolute lowest, the overall experience makes EasyBuy a top choice for reliable and hassle-free phone shopping in Nigeria.

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