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TikTok has taken the world by storm in recent years, allowing users to create and share short videos. However, the full TikTok app can be quite large and data-heavy for some users. That’s where TikTok Lite comes in. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore TikTok Lite and compare it to the main TikTok app. 

We’ll discuss how to download and login to TikTok Lite, the key differences between the two apps, and how to perform important account tasks like resetting your password or closing your TikTok account. 

By the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of both versions of TikTok and how they can best suit your needs.

TikTok Lite has some key advantages over the regular TikTok app, especially for users in developing markets with limited data and storage. Let’s go through the process of getting started with TikTok Lite:

How to Download TikTok Lite 

The first step is downloading TikTok Lite from the Google Play Store. Just search for “TikTok Lite” and install the app. The download size will be much smaller than the regular TikTok app. Once installed, open the app and follow these login steps:

How to Login Into Your TikTok Account

1. Tap the “Log In” button 

2. Enter the phone number or email associated with your TikTok account

3. Input the password for your TikTok account

4. Agree to the Terms of Service 

5. You’ll now be logged into TikTok Lite with your existing account

Key Differences Between TikTok and TikTok Lite

Now that you know how to access TikTok Lite, let’s explore the main distinctions between it and the full TikTok app. Keeping file size and resource usage in mind, TikTok Lite has some missing features

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Video Creation Tools 

TikTok Lite does not offer any creation tools. You cannot record, edit or add effects to videos within the app. It is strictly for viewing pre-existing videos.

Fewer Filter and Sticker Options

When browsing videos, TikTok Lite has a limited selection of filters and stickers compared to the main app. Creative expression is reduced. 

No Live Streaming

Live video broadcasting is not supported in TikTok Lite. You need the full TikTok app to go live and interact with viewers in real-time.

Simplified Interface

With fewer bells and whistles, the user interface of TikTok Lite is streamlined for simplicity. Advanced sections like Discover, Following and Settings have been pared down.

Lower Video Quality

To conserve data usage and processing power, videos play at a lower resolution and frame rate within TikTok Lite compared to the full-fledged TikTok app. Quality is sacrificed for efficiency.

Whether using the TikTok Lite app or the full version, you’ll want to know how to perform important account tasks. Here are the steps to manage your profile:

How to Reset Your Password

If you forgot your TikTok password, follow these steps

1. Tap the “Forgot Password” option on the login screen  

2. Enter the email or phone number associated with your account

3. Check your email/SMS for the password reset link

4. Create a new password and login

How to Delete or Close Your Account 

To permanently delete your TikTok profile and data

1. Log into your TikTok account on a web browser

2. Go to your privacy and settings 

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3. Select “Delete my account”

4. Enter your password to confirm and your account will close

How to Contact TikTok Support

For account issues or other queries, you can. Email support@tiktok.com or Call +234 830 000 1234 for TikTok Nigeria customer support.


In summary, TikTok Lite is a lighter version of the TikTok app designed for users with low-end devices or limited data plans. It allows basic video viewing in a compact file size. TikTok Lite tradesoff features for efficiency, while the full TikTok app offers a richer experience with creating, streaming and extra customization options. Choose the right app based on your needs and preferences as both give access to the popular TikTok community.


Is my TikTok Lite data linked to my TikTok account?

Yes, TikTok Lite logs you into your existing TikTok profile. Both apps will show your subscribed channels, favorite videos and other activity from the same account.

How to get your old TikTok account back without password?

To recover your old TikTok account without a password, follow these steps

  • Open a search engine and enter “TikTok feedback” to access the form.
  • Fill in the form with your username and an alternative email address.
  • Explain your situation, stating that you cannot log into your account due to lost access to your email or phone number.
  • Submit the form and wait for a response from TikTok support within 3 to 5 business days

I hope this comprehensive guide has helped explain everything you need to know about using TikTok Lite vs the main TikTok app. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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