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Tinder login with phone number, username, and email; how to delete Tinder account, Tinder Customer Care Support in Nigeria

As one of the leading dating apps worldwide, Tinder is widely popular in Nigeria as well. However, many users face issues with Tinder login, account deletion, or when seeking customer support from Tinder. This detailed guide aims to resolve all such issues by explaining the different Tinder login methods, steps to permanently delete your Tinder profile, and available Tinder customer support options in Nigeria.

When I first started using Tinder a few years ago as a college student in Nigeria, I was confused about how to create an account and login. Let me break down the different login methods

Tinder Login via Phone Number

One of the most common ways to login to your Tinder account is by using your phone number. 

During account creation, you need to provide your valid mobile number. Tinder will then send you an SMS with a verification code to that number. Enter the code to complete registration. Subsequently, you can login by entering your number and the password you set.

Tinder Login via Facebook 

Tinder also allows logging in through your existing Facebook profile. It automatically imports your name, photos, and some details from Facebook to create your Tinder account. All you need to do is tap the “Login via Facebook” option and grant Tinder access to your Facebook data. Your Facebook credentials will then be used for Tinder login.

Tinder Login via Apple ID (For iOS Users)

If you have the Tinder app installed on an iOS device like iPhone, you get the option to login using your Apple ID as well. This is a seamless single sign-on process without having to set a separate Tinder password. Your Apple credentials are verified, and you are logged into the app straight away.

Tinder Login via Google (For Android Users) 

Android users can login to Tinder using their Google account in a similar single sign-on process. Look for the “Login via Google” option on the Tinder login page or app. Grant necessary permissions, and you are good to swipe as a logged-in user.

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Forgot your Tinder Password? Here’s How to Reset It

No matter which login method you used initially, here are the steps to reset your Tinder password if you forgot it:

  • Go to the Tinder website on a browser or open the app 
  • Tap the “Forgot Password?” link/button 
  • Enter the email or phone number associated with your Tinder account
  • You will receive an email or SMS with reset instructions
  • Follow the steps provided in that communication to enter a new password 
  • Save the new password securely so you don’t have to repeat the process

How to Permanently Deleting Your Tinder Account 

If you want to fully remove your digital footprint from Tinder, here are the exact steps for deleting your Tinder account permanently:

  • Log in to your Tinder account on the app or website 
  • Go to your profile page by tapping the profile icon
  • Select “Settings” 
  • Choose “Delete Your Account”
  • Read the information provided and enter your password 
  • Tap “Confirm Deletion” to complete the process

Once deleted, all your personal details and match/conversation history will be permanently removed from Tinder servers within 30 days. Make sure to delete the app from your devices as well.

Reaching Out to Tinder Customer Support in Nigeria

Now let’s discuss the available options if you need assistance from Tinder’s customer support team while being based in Nigeria

The most direct way is to write an email to Tinder describing your issue or question in detail. Send it to support@gotinder.com and someone from their support team will respond accordingly. 

Browse dedicated Tinder help forums online to check if similar issues have been addressed before. Post your query as a last resort if the above methods do not help resolve the problem promptly. 

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Regrettably, Tinder does not offer live phone support for Nigeria currently. The international customer service number is also not fully functional from within Nigeria. Email/social media remain the viable options. 

As a last resort, you could try connecting to a reputed VPN service that masks your location outside Nigeria, say US or UK, and then attempt to contact Tinder support via phone. However, there are no guarantees this will succeed.


I hope this detailed guide has explained everything you need to know about Tinder login methods, password resets, account deletion, and support contact options available for Nigerian users. Please feel free to reach out if any part requires further clarification. Happy and safe swiping!


Can I date on Tinder for free?

Yes, you can use Tinder for free to date and meet new people. The basic Tinder app is free to download and use, and allows you to create a profile, swipe to like or pass on other users, and match with those who have also liked you.

What should I do if my Tinder account gets banned?

If your account is banned unjustly, explain your situation clearly in the email to Tinder support. Mention if you were not violating any policies. Request a review of your case and ban reversal politely. However, Tinder’s decision is usually final.

Can underage users be on Tinder legally?  

No, Tinder’s terms clearly state the minimum signing up age is 18. Any profile found to be of a minor will face permanent deletion for breaching this policy. It also violates internet safety guidelines. Users are recommended to always provide correct age proof during signups.

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