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Why is My Paga Account Frozen? How to Unfreeze

As an avid user of Paga for mobile money transfers, I was frustrated when I discovered that my account had been frozen without any explanation. I had just received my salary and wanted to send some money to family, but the Paga app kept giving me errors. After countless failed attempts to login or make transfers, I realized something must be wrong with my account. Having a frozen Paga account can be a major hassle, so I was determined to figure out why it happened and how to unfreeze it. In this article, I will share my experience and provide helpful information for anyone dealing with a frozen Paga account.

Common Reasons for Account Freezing

There are a few main reasons why Paga may freeze your account:

Suspected Fraudulent Activity 

Paga monitors accounts for suspicious activity that could indicate fraud. This includes unusual transaction patterns, sending/receiving very large amounts quickly, or logging in from unfamiliar locations. If fraud is detected, the account will be frozen for review.

Failure to Verify Identity

By law, Paga must verify the identity of all account holders to comply with Know Your Customer regulations. If requests for identity verification are not completed in a timely manner, the account may be frozen. 

Receiving Transactions from sanctioned entities 

If any accounts are identified as involved in financing terrorism, money laundering, or dealings with sanctioned groups, their accounts and any associated accounts may be frozen.

 Inactivity for Extended Periods

According to Paga’s terms, they may freeze accounts that show no activity (no logins or transactions) for 6 months or more. This reduces their risk exposure.

When my Paga account became frozen, I was confused because none of the above reasons applied to me. I had been using my account regularly with no suspicious activity. I immediately contacted Paga customer support to inquire about the reason for freezing and how to resolve it.

After some back and forth, a representative informed me that my account information failed a routine verification process due to missing or incorrect details on my profile. Things like my residential address or employment details were out of date in their system. This triggered an automatic freeze until the issues could be resolved. It seemed like a simple case of outdated records!

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Steps to Identify the Specific Reason 

If you discover your Paga account has been frozen, the first important step is to contact Paga’s customer support team to identify the exact reason. Here are some tips:

  • Log in to the Paga app or website and select “Contact Us”
  • Send a message via the online form or call their support hotline 
  • Provide your full name, phone number, and transaction reference if available
  • Politely ask them to check your account status and explain the freezing reason
  • Request they email or SMS you the specifics so you have it in writing

Getting the exact reason in writing is key, as it will guide the next steps to take for resolving issues and unfreezing your account. Be prepared for it to take 1-2 business days to receive a response.

Common Issues Behind Freezing and How to Resolve Them

After identifying the reason, the next step is resolving any issues so the freeze can be lifted. Here are some common account issues and how to fix them:  

Outdated Personal Details


1. Log into the Paga app or website  

2. Select “Profile” then “Edit Profile”

3. Update any incorrect or missing details like address, ID number, etc.  

4. Submit the changes and provide any requested verification documents

 Failure to Complete KYC Checks  


1. Check your Paga message inbox for any outstanding requests  

2. Provide clear copies of your valid government ID and a utility bill as proof of address

3. Submit directly through the app or email to Paga’s verified support address

 Suspected Fraudulent Activity  


1. Contact support and assure them the activity was genuine  

2. Provide transaction details and explain the business purpose for any unusual amounts

3. Request they investigate and lift the freeze if no fraud is found

 How Long Does It Take for the Account to be Unfrozen? 

Once the identified issues are resolved, Paga aims to review and lift freezes within 2-5 business days. However, it may occasionally take longer depending on their review process. It’s a good idea to follow up with support after a week if you’ve not received an update on the status. As long as you’ve fully cooperated to address any problems, the freeze should be lifted once Paga completes their verification.

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 Lessons Learned from My Experience  

Going through this experience taught me a few valuable lessons about maintaining my Paga account:

– Regularly check and update my profile details to ensure accuracy 

– Always respond promptly to any verification or compliance requests from Paga

– Monitor my account activity closely and report any genuine suspicions right away 

– Keep good records of my transactions in case extra details are ever needed

By taking proactive steps to keep my information current and building a positive transaction history, I have avoided any further freezing issues with Paga down the line.

 FAQs About Frozen Accounts

 What can I do if I disagree with the freezing decision?  

You can request that Paga reconsider their decision and provide any additional context or documentation to support that the activity was legitimate. However, they have final say on any risk-based freezing decision.

 Will I be able to access my funds while the account is frozen?

No, when an account is frozen you will not be able to withdraw, send or receive funds until the freeze has been lifted. All transaction activity must wait until Paga completes their verification process and reactivates the account.


Getting your Paga account frozen can be stressful, but taking the right steps to get clear answers from Paga and resolve any identified issues is key to unlocking it again. By maintaining open communication, fully cooperating with compliance checks, and learning from the experience, account holders can avoid getting their valuable mobile money accounts shut down in the future. I hope sharing what I learned provides useful guidance for anyone dealing with a frozen Paga account of their own.

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