Airtel Smartcash POS Charges, Customer Care Number, Machine Price: How to Get Airtel Smartcash POS

    Are you looking for the best way to secure the Airtel Smart cash POS? Or do you have any customer care issue and you wish to urgently reach out to them? Make sure you r f this article to the very end. 

    Airtel Smartcash POS allows merchants and small business owners in Nigeria to accept electronic payments directly from their customers. 

    With Airtel Smartcash POS, business owners can accept payments via bank cards, mobile money, and online/virtual payments right at their points of sale. 

    Airtel Smartcash POS provides a convenient, secure and costeffective way for merchants of all sizes to get paid digitally. It allows merchants to focus on running their businesses while the POS machine handles all payment processing in the background. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Airtel Smartcash POS including features, benefits, pricing, setup process and more.

    Benefits of Using Airtel Smartcash POS

    There are numerous advantages to incorporating Airtel Smartcash POS into your business operations. Here are some key benefits to consider:

    • Increased Sales: By offering a wider range of payment options, you cater to a larger customer base, potentially increasing sales and attracting new clientele who prefer cashless transactions.
    • Improved Efficiency: Airtel Smartcash POS eliminates the need for manual calculations and cash handling, streamlining the checkout process and saving you valuable time.
    • Enhanced Security: Transactions are processed securely through Airtel’s network, minimizing the risk of fraud associated with cash handling.
    • Realtime Transaction Tracking: The POS system provides realtime transaction data, allowing you to monitor sales performance and make informed business decisions.
    • Improved Customer Experience: A faster and more convenient checkout process translates to a better customer experience, potentially leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Data Connectivity (if applicable): Some Airtel Smartcash POS models offer builtin data connectivity, allowing you to accept payments even in areas with limited internet access.
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    How Airtel Smartcash POS Works

    Sign Up 

    To get started, merchants first need to visit the Airtel online portal or call the customer care number to register their business details such as name, address, contact and bank account info.

    Getting a Machine 

    Once registered, the merchant can choose to either purchase a POS machine outright or rent it on a monthly subscription basis depending on their budget and needs.

    Setting Up the Machine 

    When the POS device is delivered, the merchant needs to follow the stepbystep setup guide to pair it with their smartphone via Bluetooth an install the accompanying app. 

    Once configured, the POS is ready to accept payments. Merchants simply need to select the payment options, enter the transaction amount, get customer confirmation and issue a receipt. All transactions are processed instantly and funds settled to the merchant account within 24 hours. Detailed sales reports can also be viewed within the app.

    Airtel Smartcash POS Charges in Nigeria

    To keep costs low for merchants, Airtel employs a subsidized rental model for the Smartcash POS. Some of the applicable charges include

    Setup Fees 

    • Registration: ₦2,000 onetime
    • Delivery & Installation: ₦5,000 onetime

    Airtel POS Transaction Fees

    • Card Payments: 1.25% + ₦50 per transaction  
    • Mobile Money: 2% + ₦50 per transaction

    Monthly Fees

    •  Rental: ₦5,000 per month (covers one device + support)
    •  Additional Device: ₦3,000 per month
    •  Replacement Device: ₦10,000

    Airtel Smartcash POS Customer Care 

    Merchants can reach out to Airtel customer support team via:

    •  TollFree Number: 07002482500 
    •  Live Chat:
    •  Email:


    In summary, Airtel Smartcash POS provides an affordable, allinone payments acceptance solution ideal for small and medium businesses in Nigeria. 

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    With its versatile features and low transaction fees, merchants can boost sales, streamline operations and gain valuable business insights. 

    Backed by Airtel’s strong service support, it offers a reliable platform for merchants to join the cashless revolution and take their businesses digital. Overall, Airtel Smartcash POS is highly recommended for any business looking to start accepting card or mobile payments effectively.


    What are the requirements for Internet connectivity of the Airtel Smartcash POS?  

    The Airtel Smartcash POS does not require a dedicated data connection as it pairs with the merchant’s smartphone via Bluetooth. As long as the paired phone has an active internet connection via WiFi or mobile data, the POS can process transactions and sync reports in realtime. It is compatible for use in areas with 2G connectivity and above.

    How to locate a smartcash agent?

    To locate a SmartCash agent, you can visit the SmartCash PSB website and use their “Locate an agent” feature. 

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