EcoBank Transfer Code: EcoBank USSD Code For Transfers, Check Account Balance, Purchase Airtime and Data, Borrow Loans

EcoBank, one of Africa’s leading financial institutions, has embraced modern technology to provide its customers with convenient and secure banking solutions. The EcoBank Transfer Code and EcoBank USSD Code are two innovative services that allow customers to perform various banking transactions right from their mobile phones. In this article, I will explore how these codes work, how to activate them, and the various transactions you can carry out using these services.

How to Activate EcoBank Transfer Code and EcoBank USSD Code

To access the EcoBank Transfer Code and USSD Code services, customers must first activate them on their mobile devices. The activation process is simple and straightforward. To get started, follow this process. 

1. Dial *326# on your registered mobile number.

2. Select the option for “Account Activation.”

3. Enter your EcoBank account number.

4. Create a 4-digit PIN that will serve as your transaction password.

5. Confirm your PIN to complete the activation process.

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EcoBank USSD Code For Transfers, Check Account Balance, Purchase Airtime and Data, Borrow Loans

Once you’ve successfully activated the EcoBank Transfer Code and USSD Code services, you gain access to different banking transactions that can be performed conveniently on your mobile phone. Let’s explore the services offered by each code.

1. Balance Inquiry: Check your account balance instantly without visiting a physical branch.

The Ecobank USSD code for balance inquiry is *326*0#. To check your account balance, simply dial this code on the phone number that is registered with your Ecobank account. You will be prompted to enter your four-digit PIN, and your account balance will be displayed on your phone screen.

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2. Fund Transfers: Transfer money between your EcoBank accounts and to other EcoBank accounts seamlessly.

3. Airtime Recharge: Recharge your mobile phone or that of your family and friends in just a few clicks.

4. Bills Payment: Pay utility bills such as electricity, water, and cable TV subscriptions using the EcoBank Transfer Code.

5. Mini Statement: Get a quick summary of your recent transactions on your mobile device.

What’s Eco bank USSD code for Fund transfer

The Ecobank USSD code for fund transfer is *326#.

To transfer money using this code, you will need to enter your Ecobank account PIN and the following information:

  • Recipient’s mobile number
  • Amount of money to transfer
  • Transaction PIN (optional)

Once you have entered this information, you will be prompted to confirm the transaction. If you confirm, the money will be transferred to the recipient’s account.

Advantages of Using EcoBank Transfer Code and EcoBank USSD Code

Like many other traditional banks, the EcoBank Transfer Code and USSD Code offer numerous advantages. They include;


These services provide unparalleled convenience, allowing customers to perform banking transactions from anywhere and at any time.


EcoBank Transfer Code and USSD Code transactions are swift and efficient, saving customers valuable time compared to traditional banking methods.


EcoBank prioritizes the security of its customers’ financial information. The Transfer Code and USSD Code are encrypted, ensuring that transactions are safe from unauthorized access.


With these codes, even customers in remote areas with limited access to physical bank branches can enjoy banking services on their mobile phones.

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In conclusion, the EcoBank Transfer Code and EcoBank USSD Code have changed the way banking is done in Africa. With their ease of use, security, and accessibility, these services have made banking transactions faster and more convenient for EcoBank customers. Whether you need to check your account balance, transfer funds, recharge airtime, or pay bills, the EcoBank Transfer Code and EcoBank USSD Code are your go-to options. Activate these services on your mobile device today and experience a new level of banking convenience. Thanks for reading. 


How do I create my Ecobank transfer PIN?

To create your Ecobank transfer PIN, you can follow these steps:

  1. Dial 326# on your phone.
  2. Enter your Ecobank account PIN.
  3. Select the option for “Create PIN”.
  4. Enter your Ecobank account number.
  5. Enter your debit card details.
  6. Create a 4-digit PIN.
  7. Confirm your 4-digit PIN.

Your Ecobank transfer PIN will be created and saved. You will need to use this PIN to authorize any future fund transfers from your Ecobank account.

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