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As a frequent traveller within West Africa, I was constantly struggling to send and receive money from friends and colleagues across borders. That was until I discovered Chipper Cash. In this article, I’ll walk through everything you need to know to download, set up, and start using Chipper Cash – the mobile money app taking Africa by storm.

What is Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash is a fintech company that builds fast, low-cost digital money transfer networks across Africa. Through their mobile app and web platforms, anyone can send money to others across 7 African countries instantly and for very low fees. 

Countries where Chipper Cash works

Chipper Cash currently operates in 7 countries across West and East Africa

1 Nigeria 

As the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria is a key focus for Chipper Cash. You can send and receive money within Nigeria as well as to/from other countries.

2. Ghana

Chipper Cash live in Ghana allows for instant inter-country money transfers between Ghana and other Chipper countries. 

3. Uganda

Send and receive UGX directly from your Chipper Cash wallet in Uganda or abroad.

4. Kenya

Enjoy fast international money transfers to and from Kenya using the Chipper Cash app.

5. Tanzania 

Reach everyone in Tanzania with the ability to send TZS anywhere in the country.

6. Rwanda

Rwanda has seamlessly joined the Chipper network for convenient cross-border money transfers. 

7. South Africa

With South Africa now added, Chipper Cash links all major economies in Africa under one payment rail.

How to Download and Register for Chipper Cash

Let’s go through the quick and simple process to get started:

Download the App

Chipper Cash is available for download on both Android and iOS. Simply search for “Chipper Cash” in your phone’s app store and install. 

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Open the app and tap “Sign Up.” Enter your phone number, then set a password and provide your full name. Chipper Cash will send an OTP for verification.

Verifying Your Identity  

Once verified, Chipper will ask you to upload valid ID and take a selfie for identity verification. This process usually takes 1-2 business days.

Adding Your Bank Account

With your profile complete, link your local bank account to your Chipper Cash account for funding and withdrawals. Follow the prompts to submit your account details.

Once your bank is verified, your Chipper Cash digital wallet is ready to use. You can now send and receive money domestically and across borders.

How to Use Chipper Cash

Let’s review the main ways to interact with Chipper Cash:

Sending Money

Select “Send” and enter the recipient’s phone number or username. Select the currency and amount then tap “Send.” Funds arrive instantly from your wallet.

Requesting Money  

Go to “Receive” and enter the sender’s phone or username. They will see a request and funds will hit your wallet once they pay. 

Topping Up Your Wallet

Under “Wallet”, tap “Deposit” and select your linked bank. Choose an amount and your account will refill within hours.

Cashing Out Your Balance

When you need to withdraw, go to “Wallet” then “Withdraw.” Enter your bank details and the funds will land in 1-3 days.

Checking Transaction History

View all your past sends, receives, deposits and withdrawals under the “Transactions” tab for records.

 Is Chipper Cash Safe and Legal? 

For many, one of the biggest concerns with digital payment platforms is security and legal compliance. Here is an overview of Chipper Cash’s credentials.

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Licensed and Regulated

Chipper Cash is registered and licensed as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) by the Central Bank of Nigeria and regulated by other African financial authorities where it operates.

Secured by Bank-Grade Encryption

All transactions on the Chipper Cash app and website are secured by industry standard encryption to protect personal data and financial information.

Insured Protection    

Through strategic insurance partnerships, customer funds held within Chipper Cash wallets are insured in the event of any unforeseen losses or thefts of funds not due to customer negligence.

Global Partnerships

Notable strategic alliances with payment partners like Mastercard add extra oversight and accountability for customer security standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chipper cash USSD Code?

Chipper Cash’s USSD service *237 allows you make transfers using your phone’s basic functions without an internet connection or app.

Can I send money internationally with Chipper Cash?  

Yes, Chipper Cash facilitates instant low-cost international money transfers between all the countries they serve – Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa. 


In conclusion, Chipper Cash has revolutionized digital payments in Africa by making it fast and affordable to send money anywhere on the continent. 

Whether you need to pay bills, pay back friends, or receive wages, the Chipper Cash app provides a simple, secure and cost-effective solution. Downloading Chipper Cash gives you the freedom and convenience of digital money at your fingertips across national borders. I’ve loved using it for all my money transfer needs in Africa over the past two years. Give it a try – I’m sure you’ll be impressed too!

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