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Kuda Soft Pos: What is it, Features & How to use it

Kuda Soft PoS is a cloudbased pointofsale (PoS) system designed to help businesses of all sizes efficiently manage sales, inventory, and customers. In this indepth guide, we’ll explain what Kuda Soft PoS is, its key features, and how to get started using this versatile system.

What is Kuda Soft PoS?

Kuda Soft PoS is a fullfeatured PoS platform that allows merchants to perform essential retail functions right from their iPad, desktop, or mobile devices. As a cloudbased system, it offers flexibility and accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Some key things to know about Kuda Soft PoS include

  •  It is a multiuser system, so several employees can use it simultaneously from different locations or devices. 
  •  Updates and new features are rolled out automatically via the cloud, so merchants never have to worry about installation and upgrades.
  •  It works with various hardware like cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and payment terminals to enable full pointofsale capabilities.
  •  The software is flexible enough for all types of businesses including retailers, restaurants, salons, convenience stores, and more.

How Does it Compare to Other PoS Systems?

Kuda Soft PoS offers advantages over traditional onpremise systems or other cloudbased competitors in several ways

Lower upfront and ongoing costs:  There are no expensive servers or hardware to purchase and maintain since everything runs through the cloud.

Ease of use:  The intuitive interface is optimized for touchscreens so employees pick it up quickly. 

 Mobility  Manage sales and inventory from any device anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.  

Customization:  Extensive selection of integrations and addons to personalize the setup for unique business needs.

Reporting and analytics  Detailed sales and business reports help monitor performance and optimize strategies.

So in essence, Kuda Soft PoS delivers powerful pointofsale abilities with flexible, affordable cloudbased software.

Key Features of Kuda Soft PoS

Below are some of the core capabilities and features that make Kuda Soft PoS a fullservice pointofsale solution

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Inventory Management  

Track products, variants, prices, stock levels, supplier details, product images and more from a single dashboard. Manage transfers between locations.

Sales and CRM

Process sales quickly via cash, credit cards, loyalty programs and more. Capture customer profiles, purchase histories, mailing lists for targeted promotions.  

Reporting and Business Analytics

Gain insights into sales, profits, bestselling items using builtin and customizable reports. Evaluate performance over time, locations and other metrics.

Staff Management  

Assign user permissions and roles. Monitor staff productivity and performance via logs and time tracking tools. Configure employee schedules.

customizations and personalization

Choose from hundreds of integrations like delivery, accounting, loyalty etc. Modify checkout screens, receipts and more via custom themes. 

MultiStore and MultiCurrency

Manage multiple retail outlets from a single portal. Supports international sales and finances in multiple global currencies.

Mobile Ordering and Online Store 

Accept orders remotely via website or mobile app. Sync inventory and fulfill orders directly through the PoS system.

Rely on knowledgeable customer support staff for onboarding, troubleshooting and ongoing guidance. Access training materials 24/7.

With these versatile features, Kuda Soft PoS can streamline operations and boost sales for businesses of any scale and industry. Its cloudbased capabilities unlock realtime insights and flexible management on any device.

How to get Started With Kuda Soft PoS

To begin taking advantage of this powerful PoS solution, follow these steps to set up your Kuda Soft PoS system:

1 Sign Up for a Free Trial 

Visit the Kuda Soft website and register for a 30day trial to explore the full set of features riskfree.

Choose a Subscription Plan

After the trial, select the pricing package that best fits your needs  plans start from just $49/month.

Install Required Hardware

Set up a compatible tablet, receipt printer, barcode scanner etc. Kuda Soft recommends iPad models for optimal usability. 

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Configure Store and Product Details

Within the admin dashboard, enter business information and start adding inventory items with pricing and images. 

Onboard Staff and Set Permissions  

Add employee profiles and assign user access levels like Manager or Cashier. Configure logins and passwords.

Install Payment Processing 

Integrate credit card terminals and payment gateways for secure swipe and EMV chip transactions both online and instore.

Get Started with Sales

Begin checking out customers! Kuda Soft PoS guides users through the intuitive sale screens and workflow from open to close.

Access Reports and Analytics

From the start, merchants gain insights into sales volumes, top products and other key metrics to optimize strategic decisions.

With some initial configuration, merchants can have their Kuda Soft PoS system up and running within days to start enjoying the efficiencies and insights of a cloudbased point of sale platform! Let’s now look at some FAQs.


What is the difference between POS and soft POS?

The main difference between POS and Soft POS lies in their hardware requirements. 

Traditional POS systems need specific hardware like terminals, while Soft POS, a software-based solution, transforms smartphones or tablets into secure payment terminals, eliminating the need for extra hardware. Soft POS offers advantages like low costs, scalability, and mobility, making it ideal for various businesses without the traditional POS hardware constraints


As a complete pointofsale solution delivered through a flexible cloud platform, Kuda Soft PoS takes the headaches out of retail management. 

Merchants gain mobility, reduced costs, and realtime analytics to informed decisions anytime, anywhere. Its wide range of features combined with excellent customization empower businesses of all types and sizes to optimize sales processes while maintaining tight inventory control. 

Kuda Soft PoS is an ideal choice for forwardthinking merchants seeking to improve operations and unlock new growth opportunities through integrated cloud POS software.

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