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How to upgrade your Opay account easily

Have you been using your Opay account for a while now but been stuck on the basic tier, wondering how you can access more features and opportunities on the app? Upgrading your account is a great way to maximize all that Opay has to offer. However, navigating the upgrade process can seem daunting if you don’t know the specific steps. 

In this comprehensive guide, I will provide you with an in-depth look at everything involved in upgrading your Opay account level in Nigeria, from start to finish. 

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of the different account tiers, requirements, payment options, and best practices after upgrading. My goal is to explain each segment in such clear detail that anyone can confidently upgrade their account with ease.

Let’s start by looking at the various account levels available on Opay and the benefits associated with each. Understanding the tiers is the first key step.

Opay Account Levels

Opay makes it possible for users to upgrade to one of four main account status levels – Basic, Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Reaching a higher tier provides increased benefits, features, and opportunities compared to lower levels. Let’s examine each level in depth:

Basic Account

The basic level is the entry point for all new Opay users. With a minimum deposit requirement of just 1,000 Naira, it’s an accessible starting point. However, the limitations at this level include:

A daily send/request limit capped at only 5,000 Naira

Modest monthly referral bonuses of just 500 Naira for any friends you sign up

While the basic tier works for basic uses of the app, its restrictions encourage users to upgrade for more flexibility and rewards over time.

Standard Account 

To reach the standard level, a deposit of 10,000 Naira or more is needed. The benefits at this tier include:

  • Increased daily transaction ceilings of 50,000 Naira 
  • Higher monthly referral bonuses of 2,000 Naira

This provides a significant upgrade from basic level limits while still being attainable for many users.

By now, you have a truly in-depth understanding of how Opay evaluates users across its four main account levels based on deposits and allotted capabilities. Let’s proceed to learn how to check your current status.

How to check Your Current Account Level

Now that we’ve analyzed the tiers thoroughly, here are the simple steps to identify your existing Opay account standing:

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Log into your Opay mobile app and go to your main profile page by tapping the small icon of a person in the top right corner (usually with your first initial displayed). Your current account level will be prominently shown towards the top of this profile screen, right under your name. 

For instance, if you have met the 10,000 Naira minimum, it may read “Standard Account” in bold lettering. Make a note of your placement, as this determines how much more needs depositing for an upgrade.

Having reviewed all the details extensively thus far, you should now have clear visibility into your profile. We can move forward to examine the precise requirements for upgrading to a higher tier.

Requirements for Upgrading Your Opay Account  

Knowing which level you are at currently, here are the specific funds needed to progress step-by-step:

  • Basic to Standard: deposit 9,000 Naira on top of existing balance to reach 10,000 Naira total
  • Standard to Gold: add 40,000 Naira to balance to achieve 50,000 Naira minimum  
  • Gold to Platinum: put in another 50,000 Naira to reach benchmark of 100,000 Naira

All deposited amounts will be made instantly accessible on your Opay wallet for use. Let’s explore the actual payment process shortly. But first, some additional context on proceeding:

It’s advised not to drop below these minimums going forward, or else your account may be automatically downgraded. I’ll share more tips later to avoid this from occurring once upgraded. For now, we fully understand the amounts due. 

Let’s go deeper into completing the upgrade transaction requirements through step-by-step deposits.

Steps to Deposit Funds and Upgrade

Now having grasped all requirements and thresholds comprehensively, here are the detailed instructions for upgrading:

Navigate to the homepage of your Opay app and locate the “Fund Wallet” menu option. Selecting this will bring you to a screen where you can choose the right payment method. Popular transfer options at your disposal include:

  • Bank transfers from any supported Nigerian bank
  • Over-the-counter cash deposits at select bank branches 
  • Debit/credit card payments through the interface

No matter the payment type, enter the precise sum needed for your targeted account level upgrade (9,000 Naira, 40,000 Naira or 50,000 Naira based on your starting point). 

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Complete the transaction and allow a fair bit of time, usually up to an hour maximum, for the funds to reflect in your Opay wallet balance. Then return to your profile page.

You should now see your account status displayed at the new, higher tier reflecting the upgraded designation! You can immediately access all increased benefits and capabilities.

That covers the in-depth, step-by-step process of depositing to upgrade your Opay account status in Nigeria. Now, let’s explore some best practices after the upgrade.


You should now have an expert-level understanding of Opay’s account upgrade process from start to finish. Upgrading unlocks premium benefits, capabilities, and opportunities to get more value from the platform. With the right strategies applied, your upgraded account status lays the foundation for optimizing Opay usage and financial management over time.

If any part of the process remains unclear, please feel free to ask. Otherwise, I hope you found this in-depth guide helpful! Go ahead and upgrade today.


 How long does an upgrade usually take to process?  

In most routine cases, as long as funds are deposited correctly, the upgrade reflects instantly on your profile page within a few minutes. However, during peak activity windows, it may take up to an hour maximum as the transaction is verified. Either way, it happens quickly once requirements are met.

 What can cause my account to be downgraded later?

The only scenario where your upgraded status could be reversed is if your balance dips below the minimum deposit threshold for your tier at any point due to withdrawals or transfers out of the account. Provided you maintain adequate funds at all times, there is no other risk of a downgrade after completing an upgrade successfully.


I hope this comprehensive guide has answered all your questions about easily upgrading your Opay account level in Nigeria. The process is straightforward as long as requirements are understood clearly in depth. Feel free to reach out if any part needs more explanation. Otherwise, start maximizing your Opay experience right away through an upgrade.

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