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How to Unfreeze Opay Account: Retrieve Your Opay Account for Free

As a new user who has recently encountered the frustrating ordeal of a frozen Opay account, you’re probably feeling perplex and concerned about how to regain access to your funds and continue using the platform. It is extremely disheartening experience to find yourself locked out of your Opay account, with no clear alternative route for retrieving it.

But fret not! In this article, we’re here to guide you through the process of unfreezing your Opay account, and we’ll do so without any unnecessary delays. 

Let’s get started. 

What is Opay?

Opay is a versatile mobile payment and financial services platform widely used in Nigeria and several other African countries. It offers a range of services, including making payments, sending money, and purchasing airtime and data.

Why might your Opay account be frozen?

There are several reasons why your Opay account might be frozen. They include; 

1. Violation of Opay Terms of Service

If you’ve breached Opay’s terms of service in any way, your account could be frozen as a consequence.

2. Involvement in a Fraudulent Transaction

Engaging in a fraudulent transaction can lead to the suspension of your Opay account.

3. Account Inactivity

If your Opay account has been inactive for an extended period, it may be subject to freezing.

4. Forgotten PIN

Losing or forgetting your PIN can also result in your account being locked.

How to Unfreeze Your Opay Account

If your Opay account is frozen, you can unfreeze it by following these steps:

Step 1: Contact Opay Customer Support

The initial step in resolving a frozen Opay account is to get in touch with Opay customer support. You can reach them through various channels, including:

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To contact Opay customer care, kindly visit this link. 

What Information You Will Need to Provide

When contacting Opay customer support, be prepared to provide the following information

  • Your Opay account number
  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • A brief explanation of why you believe your account was frozen

Step 2: Provide the Necessary Information

Opay customer support may request additional information to verify your identity and account ownership. This may include:

A copy of your identification card

A copy of your utility bill

A copy of your bank statement from Opay or your ATM card.  Read also: How to Verify OPay Account or Check Account Number

Step 3: Resolve Any Pending Issues

If your account was frozen due to a pending issue, such as an incomplete transaction, you must address the problem before your account can be unfrozen.

Step 4: Reset Your PIN

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can reset it by following the instructions provided on the Opay website or app.


By diligently following these steps, you should be able to unfreeze your Opay account and regain access to its services. However, if your account remains frozen despite these efforts, don’t hesitate to contact Opay customer support once again for further assistance. Thanks for reading. 


How do I unlock my money on Opay?

You can unlock your money on OPay by withdrawing it to your bank account or transferring it to another OPay user.

To withdraw your money to your bank account, kindly  follow these steps:

  • Open the OPay app and tap on “Wallet”.
  • Tap on “Withdraw”.
  • Select “Bank Account” as the withdrawal method.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Select the bank account where you want to withdraw the money.
  • Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction.
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To transfer money to another OPay user, follow these steps

  • Open the OPay app and tap on “Wallet”.
  • Tap on “Transfer”.
  • Enter the phone number or OPay username of the recipient.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction.

Can I use a friend’s identification card to unfreeze my Opay account?

No, you should only provide your own identification card for verification purposes.

How long does it take for OPay to reverse money?

Reversals on the system happen instantly to the cardholder’s account. However, some users have reported that it has taken up to 48 hours for their reversals to be processed. If you have requested a reversal and it has not been credited to your account within 48 hours, you should contact OPay customer support for assistance.

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