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Why is My Eversend Account Frozen? How to Unfreeze in Nigeria

When I first started using Eversend to receive money from clients abroad, everything was going smoothly. However, one day out of the blue, I found that I could no longer access my account. It said my account was “under review” but provided no other details. 

As a freelancer who relies on Eversend to get paid, this was incredibly frustrating. 

In this article, I’ll share my experience with a frozen Eversend account in Nigeria and provide guidance on how to get it unlocked.

Before looking at how to unfreeze an account, it’s important to understand why Eversend may freeze accounts in the first place. There are a few common reasons this can happen:

Reasons Eversend Account Frozen?

 1 Fraud Prevention and Compliance 

Eversend has certain protocols in place to detect and prevent fraudulent activity like money laundering. This includes monitoring accounts for suspicious deposits, withdrawals, or transfers that don’t align with the typical usage patterns. 

2 Suspected Scamming or Phishing 

If Eversend suspects an account is being used for scamming others through phishing schemes or other deceptive practices, they may freeze it pending an investigation.

3. Lack of Verification Documentation

All Eversend users are required to complete identity verification by providing documents like ID cards or international passports. Unverified accounts are at higher risk of being frozen.

4. Regulatory Compliance Issues

Sometimes accounts get frozen due to complications with adhering to anti-money laundering regulations in Nigeria or the countries that Eversend operates in.

5. Using Proxies or VPNs 

Masking your real location is against Eversend’s terms and viewed as inherently suspicious behavior that may warrant account review. 

6. Failure to Provide Documentation on Request

Even if you initially verified your identity, Eversend has the right to request additional recent documents at any time. Failing to comply will extend your freeze time.

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How to Unfreeze Eversend Account 

When my account was frozen without explanation, here are the steps I took to resolve the issue:

Contacting Customer Support

I started by submitting a ticket to Eversend’s customer support team through their website. I explained my situation and requested details on why my account was frozen.

Providing Requested Documents 

A few days later, I received a response asking me to provide additional identity verification documents like a utility bill for address proof. I promptly uploaded clear scans as instructed. 

Being Patient and Following Up Respectfully

Getting accounts reviewed can take time as Eversend has high volumes. I followed up after a week politely asking for an estimated timeline. The representatives assured me the review was still pending.

After a stressful two weeks wait, I logged in one morning to find my account unlocked. All my funds were safely released and I could resume receiving payments normally.

How to Prevent Eversend Account Freezes Going Forward

Once your account is finally unlocked, follow these best practices to avoid another frustrating freeze

  • Keep your information and documents fully verified at all times in case Eversend needs to re-validate randomly. 
  • Don’t make sudden changes like huge deposits/withdrawals that raise suspicions without proper context or pay stubs. 
  • Be on alert for any unauthorized access attempts or suspicious patterns in your recent transactions that may require fast actions. 
  • Inform Eversend in advance about planned changes like a job loss and international relocation that could impact your account usage.
  • Keep wallet-size physical ID cards/driver’s license handy for quick upload access if documents are requested during your account review.
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My Final Thoughts on Preventing Eversend Account Freezes

Thanks for reading to the very end. Overall, the key is to be fully transparent, maintain high standards of identity verification at all times, and cooperate respectfully with any investigations or requests from Eversend.

Most importantly, don’t lose hope! With patience and communication, frozen accounts can usually be resolved. Just follow the proper process and you should have your funds safely released in due time.

FAQs about Unfreezing Eversend Accounts in Nigeria  

How do I unfreeze my bank account in Nigeria?

To unfreeze your bank account in Nigeria, you must first identify the cause of the freeze. If it’s due to inactivity, make a deposit or contact the bank. For debt-related freezes, settle the debt or consider bankruptcy. If the freeze is due to suspicious activities, provide verification to the bank. Always consult legal professionals if needed to protect your rights.

What does it mean when the remitting account is blocked or frozen?

When a remitting account is blocked or frozen, it implies that certain transactions from that account are restricted, such as withdrawals, transfers, or payments. This can occur due to reasons like unpaid debts, suspicious activity, or legal obligations.

How long does it typically take to get an Eversend account unlocked?

The review duration usually ranges between 1-4 weeks on average depending on the complexity of the case. Straightforward cases with prompt document submission could take as little as 5-10 business days.

I hope sharing my experience has provided you useful insights into navigating this situation.

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