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Opay Pos: How to Get an Opay POS Machine, Price, and Daily Targets in Nigeria 

Have you ever wondered how shop owners easily accept payments from customers using handheld devices? Well, that’s made possible through POS (point of sale) machines. As an entrepreneur looking to start or expand your business in Nigeria, getting a reliable POS system is important. In this article, I will explore one of the most popular POS providers in Nigeria – Opay POS. I’ll cover the basics of how to get an Opay POS machine, their price ranges, and the typical daily transaction targets you should aim for as a merchant. 

When I first started my small provision store about five years ago, one of the biggest challenges was accepting payments from customers. I would have to deal with cash transactions only. This slowed down the checkout process and made accounting very difficult at the end of each day. Thankfully, things have changed a lot since then with the rise of digital payment options. As someone who has used Opay POS for over two years now, I can say it has helped scale and optimize my business operations significantly. I hope sharing my experience helps other entrepreneurs especially in simplifying payments.

How Opay POS Works

Before looking into specifics like pricing, it’s important to understand the basics of how Opay POS operates. At its core, Opay POS allows merchants to accept a wide range of digital payment methods directly from customers using just a mobile device or dedicated POS terminal. 

Here are the main steps involved

  • Start by registering as a merchant on the Opay website. You’ll need to provide some basic business details and undergo a verification process. 
  • Once verified, you can request an Opay POS device – either a mobile device running their POS app or a dedicated all-in-one terminal. The devices work offline once setup is complete.
  • Using the Opay POS device, you can now accept payments via options like debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, and bank transfers. Customers can pay directly on the device screen. 
  • All transactions are recorded and funds settle directly into your linked bank account on a daily/weekly basis depending on your plan. You also get detailed sales reports.
  • As an Opay merchant, you gain access to other tools like invoicing, loyalty programs, supply chain finance and more for business expansion.
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In summary, Opay POS provides a one-stop digital payment acceptance solution for merchants with various options to optimize operations.

How to Get an Opay POS Machine

Now let’s go into the process of getting an actual Opay POS machine for your business

  • Visit the Opay website, click “Merchants” and fill the registration form with your business details. 
  • You’ll receive an email to verify your identity by providing documents like your ID card, business registration docs etc. 
  • Once verified, choose between a monthly/annual subscription for the mobile app or an all-in-one POS terminal. Prices vary based on your plan.
  • Complete the sign up by reading all terms, paying the initial deposit/subscription and providing your bank details. 
  • Within 3-5 business days, your requested Opay POS device will be delivered to the address provided. You can now get started with accepting payments.

The entire process takes around 1 week on average. Opay also has an active customer support team to guide you through any queries during setup and beyond.

Opay POS Prices in Nigeria 

When starting any new business expense, it’s important to understand associated costs upfront. Here are the current price ranges for various Opay POS packages in Nigeria:

Mobile App POS: The app-based POS solution has a monthly subscription of ₦2,500 which includes unlimited transactions. You need a smartphone to use this.

Android POS Terminal: An entry-level standalone Android terminal costs around ₦35,000 with ₦1,500 monthly subscription fee and ₦1 fee per transaction. 

All-in-One POS: For a more full-featured all-in-one device, prices start from ₦65,000 with ₦3,000 monthly and ₦1.5 per transaction fee.

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Chip & Pin POS: Their most advanced Chip & PIN enabled terminal is priced at ₦95,000 with ₦5,000 monthly and ₦2 transaction fee.

You may also have to pay connectivity and support fees depending on your plan. Settlements are free within the first 30 days.

Overall, Opay offers affordable POS options to suit all types and scales of businesses. You can upgrade to better packages as your transaction volumes increase over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Opay POS 

To summarize key points, here are answers to some commonly asked questions

How much does it cost to get an OPay POS machine?

The cost of an Opay POS machine varies depending on the type of machine. Here are the current prices for Opay POS machines in Nigeria:

  • Smart (Android) POS: ₦60,000
  • Traditional POS: ₦45,000
  • Mini POS: ₦10,000

Can I start POS business with 10k?

Starting a POS business in Nigeria requires significant initial investment, and ₦10,000 is not sufficient for the necessary costs.


In summary, adopting digital and contactless payment options like Opay POS has become essential for businesses in Nigeria. Not only does it simplify the payment experience for customers, but also provides merchants with tools to optimize operations, boost sales and gain valuable data-driven insights. 

By establishing realistic daily transaction targets based on your business size and making small incremental improvements each month, you can unlock the full potential of platforms like Opay over time. Starting with their affordable mobile app or entry-level POS terminals also helps minimize initial investment risks. 

Most importantly, ensure smooth onboarding, training and continuous support for employees using the POS system. This will instill confidence and skillsets required to seamlessly guide customers through the payment process. With a user-friendly solution, supportive merchant experience and wide acceptance across Nigeria – Opay has certainly revolutionized digital payments for local merchants. 

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