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 10 Business Ideas You Can Launch With 20k Naira Today

Do you just want to start a business and you have 20,000 Naira in your hand but don’t know the business to go in for? 

Starting a small business can seem daunting due to concerns around the large capital required. However, there are many viable options that can be launched in Nigeria with just 20,000 naira.

 In this article, we will explore 10 such business ideas with low startup costs but high potential for income generation. These opportunities require minimal investment yet offer flexibility and profitability when done properly. 

10 Business Ideas You Can Launch With 20k Naira Today

1 Online Tutoring

Online learning has surged in the past two years with many schools adopting blended or fully virtual models. This has created demand for online tutoring services to assist students of all ages. 

As a tutor, you only need a laptop or smartphone, internet connection, and study materials sourced from textbooks or educational sites. 

Charges of 500 naira per 30-minute session are reasonable. You can promote on WhatsApp groups, neighborhood Facebook pages, or word-of-mouth. 

Within months, consistent customers and good reviews can start generating decent monthly income.

2. Catering or Food Business

A timeless small business idea is cooking and selling local delicacies in your community. 

For 20k naira, you can purchase cooking equipment like pots, stove, knives, baking trays and basic food ingredients. 

Popular low-cost options are baking cakes/cookies, frying akara/doughnuts, or making zobo, kunu and other affordable ready-to-drink or snack products. 

Operate from your kitchen and deliver orders or have customers pick up. 

Package attractively and promote through neighborhood WhatsApp groups, flyers at local bus stops orMOS. Demand is guaranteed if quality and hygiene are maintained. 

3. Home Services

Multiple home service jobs require little overhead yet offer flexible income options. 

For example, you can launch a cleaning, laundering or grocery shopping venture by buying supplies with the capital.

 Invest in a cordless vacuum, set of cleaning tools, iron, soap powders and store them in a reusable crate or tote bag for visits. 

Provide these helpful services at reasonable prices to homes within walking distance. Another option is offering minor plumbing, electrical or carpentry jobs which have continuing demand in every community. Acquire basic tools and advertise your availability.

4. Digital & Micro Jobs

The digital economy breeds many freelance opportunities for those with internet-connected devices and basic computer skills. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Jiji allow individuals to sell services remotely. Assets needed may include just a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer and internet bundle. 

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You can offer services like graphic design, website maintenance, article writing, online research, transcription, programming, etc and charge per job completed. Rates start from 500 naira for micro tasks while larger projects could yield thousands, providing flexible sources of income over weeks or months.

5. Social Media Management

As internet and smartphone penetration increases in Nigeria, so does social media usage among individuals and businesses. 

You can utilize your knowledge of major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and offer social media management services to small companies for a monthly or project-based fee starting from 2,000 naira. 

Services may include creating businesses pages/profiles, designing branded posts, running promotional campaigns, scheduling posts, engaging with customers, basic analytics and reports. Acquire the basic tools needed to get started from the 20k capital. 

6. Photography

Having good photography skills and basic equipment allows one to offer professional photography services to generate extra income. 

With a DSLR camera body costing 15-20k, add a couple of lenses, tripod, lighting kit, backdrops or stands. 

Once equipped, market your services to individuals needing product shots for listings, tailors/boutiques, food businesses, freelancers, events etc. 

Charging 1,000-1,500 naira per edited high-resolution image allows you to generate decent revenue each month from a few commissioned image shoots completed in addition to your main job. Equipment pays for itself within months.

7. Gift/Decor Making

Leverage your creative talents and curious mind by making attractive handicraft items that are always in demand. 

For less than 20k, you can buy materials, tools and basic supplies to manufacture products like scented candles, room diffusers, bath bombs, jewelry items, potpourri, photo frames, greetings cards, packaged cake toppers and more. 

Sell these gift items branded with your business name at affordable price points through social media promotions, craft markets and expos or directly from your workshop/home. Steady sales can be achieved if you consistently make unique, high-quality items people want. 

8. Beauty Services

To enter the lucrative beauty industry on a tight budget, consider offering basic services from home that require minimal investment. Essentials like a salon chair, dryer, manicure station, pedicure bowls, basic makeup kits, hair styling tools and sanitizers can all be acquired for 20k or lesser. 

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Then promote affordable hair braiding, weaving, makeup application, manicures and pedicures services to your neighborhood and on local forums. Maintain high hygiene standards and you’ll steadily grow a regular client base through reviews in no time at all. 

9. Snack Preparation

There is constant demand for flavored, nutritious snack items among professionals, students and families. 

For less than 20k, purchase supplies and equipment needed to mass-produce options like energy bars, trail mixes, roasted chickpeas/nuts, baked cookies/chips, flavored popcorn in your kitchen. 

Package them professionally and market directly through contacts or via WhatsApp groups and neighborhoods societies in your area. 

Alternatively, register on delivery platforms to tap a broader customer base willing to pay premium prices for quality ready-to-eat options prepared fresh at home. Consistent sales can be sustained with variety and good taste. 


Starting any successful enterprise requires passion, dedication and being open to lessons through failures along the way. 

these 10 business concepts show it is absolutely possible to launch ventures in Nigeria today with as little as 20,000 naira through leveraging skills, catering to local needs and engaging networks creatively. Getting started is often the hardest part, so I hope these concepts provide viable options and inspiration for aspiring founders to take the first step. Please share any other questions

Thanks for reading to the end.


How long will it take for these businesses to become profitable?

The timeline to profitability varies depending on factors like scale of operations, demand for the products/services, and how fast the owner is able to gain customers. 

On average, online ventures and service-based businesses may cover initial costs within 3 months of starting consistently while food/product-making could take 6 months to a year depending on production volumes. 

What documentation or permits are required to launch my business in Nigeria?  

For very small neighborhood operations, registering the business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is sufficient. 

However, food-related ventures will require food handler’s certification and adhering to hygiene guidelines. Services dealing with chemicals, medicines, sharp equipment may involve additional permits depending on scale and location. 

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