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How to upgrade Zenith bank account easily (Online & Offline)

Many Zenith bank customers may find themselves outgrowing their initial savings or current accounts over time. As your money management needs evolve, upgrading provides exclusive benefits. However, navigating the process can seem daunting without guidance. 

In this comprehensive guide, I will explain every step to smoothly upgrade your Zenith account online or at a branch. From determining your eligibility to activating the new account features, you will learn how to complete the entire journey with minimal hassles.

My goal is empowering you with thorough knowledge such that upgrading feels straightforward. By the end, you should feel confident to immediately begin the upgrade or contact bank staff for live assistance. 

Let’s begin our journey

Why Upgrade Your Zenith Bank Account?

Several compelling perks exist for upgrading your Zenith bank account. A few key benefits include:

 Access to Higher Transaction Limits  

Upgraded savings and current accounts allow monthly withdrawals, transfers and point of sale transactions up to ₦500,000-₦5,000,000 compared to ₦100,000-₦300,000 on regular options. This empowers managing larger finances seamlessly without penalties.

Earn Higher Interest on Savings Balances

Premium savings accounts offer competitive interest rates up to 5-8% annually based on your average monthly balance. The interest compounds to grow your money substantially over the long run. 

Priority Banking Services and Privileges

Exclusive account holders receive a dedicated relationship manager for direct support. Additional perks include free debit card replacement every 2-3 years, discounted processing on loans below ₦5 million, priority service at branches and ATMs plus various gift items on your birthday and festive seasons.  

Boost Your CIBN and Experian Credit Score 

Maintaining an active premium bank account reflects positively on your credit health. A higher credit score unlocks easier access to prime business and personal loans with reduced interest rates. It also improves your chances for renting homes and leasing equipment on credit.

Social Status and Sense of Prestige  

Upgrading places you among Zenith Bank’s valued customers managing significant liquid assets and transaction volumes. Some customers appreciate this elevated social perception and prestige.

Weigh how these benefits align with boosting your financial management at this phase. Upgrading allows maximizing the bank’s resources according to your evolving needs.

Understand Available Account Types at Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank offers various savings and current account options at different service and pricing tiers. Carefully researching these assists choosing the most suitable upgrade path.

 Savings Account Types

  •  Regular Savings Account 
  •  Salary Savings Account
  •  High Yield Savings Account  
  •  Fixed Deposit Account
  •  Domiciliary Account 

Current Account Types

  • Salary/Wage Earner Account
  • Basic/Regular Current Account
  • Advance/Business Current Account 
  • Elite Account
  • Exclusive Account

Each account caters to varied transaction levels, interest rates, privileges and penalties. Take time examining features on zenithbank.com for an informed decision. Upgrading within your means helps optimizing benefits without undue expenses.

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Requirements for Upgrading Accounts

Zenith Bank mandates specific paperwork and supporting documents for upgrades to comply with statutory Know-Your-Customer regulations. Pay attention to these core criteria: 

Minimum Balance Requirement

For example, the Elite Account requires maintaining ₦100,000 average monthly while ₦500,000 is mandated for the Exclusive Account tier. However, the initial deposit can be lower.

Valid Means of Identification  

You must present an original valid ID like the National Identity Card, International Passport or Driver’s License for verification. 

Proof of Residence Documents  

Provide a recent original utility bill, tenancy agreement or tax return as evidence of your residential address. 

Source of Funds Documentation

Statements showing the origin of lumpsum deposits help comply with anti-money laundering rules. Cash pay slips, business registration or tax returns suffice.

Accurately Completed Account Opening Form  

Digital or physical forms capture Know-Your-Customer details for verification and future reference. 

Payment of Non-Refundable Application Fees

Charges vary between ₦2,000 to ₦15,000 depending on the account type. Check zenithbank.com for current rates.

Fulfilling these criteria assists a seamless upgrade approval process. Consult a bank personnel for any clarification on required documents.

Upgrading Your Zenith Account Online 

The Zenith Mobile App and Internet Banking portal at www.zenithbank.net allow initiating upgrades from anywhere comfortably. Follow these steps:

1. Log into Your Existing Account

Input your LoginID/Account & Password for authentication. 

 2. Select “Upgrade Account” 

Choose this option on the side menu or profile page after login.

3. Pick Preferred Upgraded Account Type

Review features and select Savings or Current Account upgrade path.

 4. Complete Digital Application Form  

Fill all sections accurately with current details. 

5. Upload Supporting Documents  

Take clear scans of ID, bills and pay slips to append online.

6. Make Payment 

Select from your linked debit cards or netbanking options.  

7. Track Upgrade Status Online

Check application status under “Requests” till final approval.

 8. Activate New Account Features

Access higher limits, services and login credentials immediately.

Online upgrading streamlines the process and provides round-the-clock access for reviewing application status. Guidance from bank staff may still help at certain stages.

Upgrading at a Zenith Bank Branch

For customers more comfortable with physical interactions, following the branch upgrade process patiently gives a personalized experience:

 1. Visit the Nearest Zenith Bank Branch  

Carry original ID, two passport photos and upgrade request details.

 2. Inform Customer Care Representative 

Interact politely to declare intent for assistance. Check this: Zenith bank Customer Care Whatsapp number, Phone Number email address and Office Address

 3. Fill Hardcopy Application Form  

Provide accurate information in presence of bank official.

 4. Present Requisite Supporting Documents

Submit ID, bills, pay slips and source of funds evidence.  

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 5. Make Application Fee Payment   

Cash or transfer from linked account gets receipt issued.

 6. Receive Provisional Upgrade Pack  

Includes portion of new debit card and activation PIN details. 

7. Complete Additional Verification  

BVN update, account number change and package delivery.

8. Track Approval via Email/SMS Updates

Full access kicks in within maximum 5 working days.

Branch visits ensure addressing clarifications in real-time. However, they require more waiting compared to 24/7 digital convenience.  

 Other Upgrade Assistance Options

Through Accredited Zenith Mobile Agents  

Pay certified agents a nominal fee to fill forms, present documents and complete follow-ups on your behalf within your locality. Excellent for busy individuals or those in remote places far from branches.

Call the Bank’s 24/7 Customer Care Line  

Dial 07009911888 from your linked phone for remote, instant guidance throughout the entire upgrade journey from start to completion of all stages regardless of location.

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Choose an approach factoring ease, costs, technical skills and preference for online, physical or outsourced assistance. The aim is a seamless upgrade journey.

FAQs about Upgrading Accounts

How much can a savings account hold in Zenith Bank?

A Zenith Bank savings account can hold up to a maximum cumulative account balance of N300,000 for the EazySave Classic Account. 

How do I know if my Zenith account has been upgraded?

To check if your Zenith Bank account has been upgraded, you can follow these steps:

  • Check Account Status: Log in to your Zenith Bank online account to see if any changes or upgrades are reflected in your account details.
  • Contact Customer Service: Reach out to Zenith Bank’s customer service via email or phone for assistance in verifying the status of your account upgrade.
  • Review Confirmation: Look for any email notifications or messages from Zenith Bank confirming the successful upgrade of your account.

By following these steps, you can easily determine if your Zenith Bank account has been upgraded.


Upgrading your Zenith bank account opens doors to premium privileges that can strengthen your financial management in the long-run. With thorough preparation by understanding available options and fulfilling requirements, the entire process becomes straightforward whether online, in-branch or through other convenient assistance avenues. 

Do not hesitate to proactively initiate an upgrade after evaluating how the benefits align with your evolvingneeds. Also, speak to a Zenith bank representative for live guidance anytime unclear on any step. Wishing you the very best with leveling up your Zenith banking experience!

Please share any other valuable insights or experiences with upgrading accounts in the comments. I’m open to learning from others’ journeys too.

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