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Sun King Solar Fan and Freezer Price in Nigeria, Sun King Solar TV Price in Nigeria

When I first moved to the rural area I currently live in, reliable electricity was a major challenge. Long power cuts meant blistering heat during the day and no way to keep food fresh or entertain myself at night. That was until I discovered Sun King solar home systems. In this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about Sun King solar products available in Nigeria, including prices, features and my personal experience using their fans, freezers and TV. Stick with me to the end to get answers to some frequently asked questions. 

History of Sun King in Nigeria

Founded in 2012, Sun King offers affordable solar home systems designed for off-grid homes and small businesses in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Their goal is to provide reliable, renewable energy access to the estimated 85 million Nigerians currently without grid electricity. Starting with just solar lanterns and phone chargers, Sun King has expanded their product lineup over the years to include higher-capacity solar systems integrated with energy-efficient appliances.

Sun King Solar Fan Price and Features 

One of Sun King’s most popular products is their 48W solar ceiling fan, perfect for keeping air circulating on hot nights without electricity bills. The fan comes with a solar panel, battery, charge controller and mounting accessories for around 32,000 naira. Here are some key specs and features

4-blade 48-inch ceiling fan

The all-black fan has a durable plastic body and moves a good amount of air on its three speed settings. At its highest setting, the breeze reaches across a medium-sized room.

30-40 day battery runtime 

The fan is powered by a durable lead-acid battery that Sun King says will provide up to a month of 8-hour runtime per charge on average, depending on climate and usage. 

Automatic light sensor

An integrated light sensor automatically turns the fan on at dusk and off at dawn to maximize efficiency without manual switching. 

2-year warranty

The entire solar fan system comes with a 2-year warranty covering any defects. After-sales support is also provided through Sun King-authorized technicians across Nigeria. 

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Sun King Solar Freezer Price and Features

If you need food storage without electricity, Sun King’s solar-powered freezers are a sustainable alternative to gas or kerosene models. Their 52L freezer costs around 80,000 naira. Here are the key specs

52-liter capacity  

The white freezer box provides enough space to store multiple bags of frozen foods, drinks and ice blocks.

Negative 18 degree Celsius temperature

It uses environmentally-friendly and ozone-friendly insulation to maintain a constant negative 18 degree Celsius interior, even on cloudy days.

30-45 day battery runtime

With 4-6 hours of solar charging per day, the deep cycle battery keeps the freezer running for up to 6 weeks without sun. 

Automatic thermostat

An electronic thermostat and fan continually circulate cold air to keep temperature consistent without manual defrosting.

Lockable door and basket

The freezer’s door seal and lock help maintain temperature. It also includes a removable storage basket.

My Experience with Sun King Solar Products So Far

I decided to purchase the Sun King 48W solar fan and 52L freezer soon after moving to really make off-grid living more comfortable. Setting them up was simple following the instruction manuals. After a few weeks of solar charging, they’ve been performing great.

Sun King Solar TV Price and Specifications

For entertainment, Sun King’s off-grid LED TV kits start at around 75,000 naira for a 24-inch model. Larger 32-inch and 40-inch variants are also available. Here are the key specs of their 24-inch TV system

24-inch LED display 

The HD-ready screen provides brighter, sharper picture quality than older CRT TVs.

HDMI and USB ports  

Connect external storage devices, gaming consoles or a satellite dish receiver.

Rechargeable battery

A sealed lead-acid battery powers the TV for 3-5 hours per night on average.

Remote control

The included remote lets you change channels and adjust volume from the comfort of your sofa.

100W mono amplifier

The amplifier drives the TV’s internal speakers to fill a small-to-medium room with sound.

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30-45 day battery runtime

When fully charged by the 60W solar panel during the day, the TV battery lasts 1-2 months.

2-year warranty

As with other Sun King systems, the solar TV kit is protected by a standard 2-year warranty.

In rural areas, being able to watch the news, movies and football matches at night has been a wonderful experience. The picture quality is more than sufficient for the off-grid home. 

FAQs about Sun King Solar Products

How long will a solar battery run a refrigerator?

A solar battery with a capacity of 100Ah can power a refrigerator with a power consumption of around 100 watts for approximately 10 hours.

How many solar panels can power a fridge?

To determine how many solar panels are needed to power a refrigerator, several factors must be considered. These include the refrigerator’s power consumption, the solar panel’s power generation, the number of peak sun hours available, and the overall system sizing.

To calculate the required solar panels, you need to determine the refrigerator’s daily power consumption in watt-hours, calculate the daily energy generation of the solar panels, and then divide the refrigerator’s daily power consumption by the solar panel’s daily energy generation.

For instance, if your refrigerator consumes 400 watt-hours daily and your solar panels generate 1.5 kilowatt-hours daily under ideal conditions, you would need approximately 2.67 solar panels.


In conclusion, Sun King has been a true game changer in my off-grid home by providing reliable energy access through their quality, affordable and well-designed solar products. Being able to efficiently power basic necessities and have some modern comforts and entertainment has greatly improved my quality of life without fuel costs or generator fumes. 

While the initial investment is higher than cheap alternatives upfront, Sun King systems have reliably paid for themselves over and over in savings versus the alternatives. I’d highly recommend considering Sun King if you live without grid power in Nigeria. Reliable renewable energy is achievable.

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