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List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

Accessing loans through mobile apps has become increasingly popular in Nigeria due to convenience. However, some platforms have faced backlash for contacting users’ connections without permission. This article speaks of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

The Rapid Growth of Mobile Lending in Nigeria

Standing at over 200 million people with high smartphone penetration, Nigeria is ripe for digital financial services. A 2019 study found 25% yearly growth in the fintech industry, with mobile lending subsiding traditional avenues. Easy access fueled this boom but comes with risks if privacy is unprotected. 

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7 Loan Apps and Their Contact Practices

Now we examine 10 prominent loan apps in detail and how they engage contacts

1. QuickCash  

One of Nigeria’s first lending apps, QuickCash requests access to your entire address book. They may call or text any contacts for verification, debt collection or as leads for new customers. There is no limit and contacts are not informed.

2. ReadyCash

ReadyCash allows quick loans starting at ₦5,000. To register, they access phone contacts and require selecting at least 5 references to message details like your loan amount, photo, social media accounts without permission. 

3. EasyCredit

With EasyCredit, borrowers undergo a “friends check” where 10-20 contacts receive calls to corroborate provided information which can include your BVN, employer and more. Contact names and numbers are clearly visible to agents for repeated communication attempts.

4. Quickloans 

Specializing in payroll advances, Quickloans says they access contacts “to verify identity and contact friends to get fast loan approval.” They may spam references, family members, old classmates and more with persistent text messages and automated calls until response. 

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5. CashBox

CashBox sends one-time passwords (OTPs) via SMS to borrower contacts for account registration without specifying this is for a loan sign up. They also contact references through calls regarding loan activity and late payments.

6. Okash

To fund an Okash account, users require uploading national ID plus giving access to phone’s entire contact database. They use an automated dialing system to call references, friends and more for unpaid debt collection 24/7 even late at night.

7. Carbon

According to reports, Carbon’s “Social Proof” function involves analyzing loan applicants’ call logs, SMSes, contacts and social networks on WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to gauge trustworthiness. No permission is explicitly sought for this extensive data access

How Loan Apps Request Contact Permissions

Let us understand in detail how different types of permission allow access to your connections:

  • Phone state and identity permission provides read calls, SMS inbox contents
  • Contacts list read/write enables viewing, modifying, syncing and backing up all your contacts  
  • Microphone lets recording calls without audio consent
  • Camera rolls out recording video, photos taken previously on device
  • -Notification dots on contacts’ profile pics indicates status to loan agents

So multiple broad permissions together mean wholesale contact data exposure to lending platforms.


To summarize, this deep article covered multiple loan apps in Nigeria known to contact references excessively for verification, collections or marketing without clear user permission. 

While financial inclusion is important, predatory practices must be curbed through regulation, platforms securing consent and education on digital risks. Borrowers deserve responsible access fulfilling needs while safeguarding privacy and relationships. Your well-being should never be leveraged for loan approvals.

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Do loan apps send messages to contacts?

No, Loan apps can no longer access your phone contacts to send messages since June 1, 2023, due to updated Google policies. This change aims to protect users’ privacy and prevent loan apps from abusing customer data. If you downloaded loan apps before this date, they might still have your contacts stored. However, recent regulations restrict loan apps from sending messages to your contacts without access to your phone contacts.

Does OKash send messages to your contacts?

Yes, OKash has been known to send messages to borrowers’ contacts when they fall behind on loan repayments

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