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7 Fun Place to Visit in Nigeria

7 Fun Place to Visit in Nigeria

Are you thinking of taking a tour to the Ancient city of Benin? If yes, this resource is for you. The city is located in Edo state which is situated in the south of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

As a city full of great art works and craft, it becomes a very great site of attraction for people around Nigeria as well as foreigners from all part of the world.

There is a lot to say about Benin City but today, I will be talking of the major site of attraction that would keep you amazed till you get to Benin.

Although Nigeria is a democratic country, some states have traditional rulers and Benin is not left out. The traditional ruler in Benin is called the Oba and the Oba is classified as one of the top traditional rulers in the continent of Africa.

Benin is mostly adored for their historic work of bronze, culture, food and development.



THE NATIONAL MUSEUM: The museum which is located at the center of the city popularly called ring road and very close to the palace of the Oba is a major site that receives hundreds of visitors daily from all part of the world.

In the museum, you would learn a lot about the ancient traditions of the binis and how the regions became what it is today.

You would be placed in a very fascinating mode when you see invaluable works of art that were created years back before technology got to the region.

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Around the museum is a recreational part with water fountains and other arcades.

 THE UNIVERSITY OF BENIN: The university is located at two main points in Benin. One at ekenwan axis and the other at Ugbowo.

In these tertiary institutions you would see a lot of things ranging from the way of life, art works and tradition of the Benin people.

The University is a federal university and offer as over a hundred various courses.


The stadium which was built by one of the most respected military head of state, Samuel Ogbemudia has being rebuilt over time by various state governors to match with the international standard.

The current structure there was built by the current governor of Edo state, Governor Godwin Obaseki.

The stadium according to experts is world class and contains a lot of equipments that every major stadium should have.

The stadium is located along stadium road, off Ekenwan Road.


The moat which is built road the Benin empire is still much visible today and historians say it was built by a Benin prince to protect the empire of Benin years ago.

The fascinating fact about this moat is the distance it covers as well as the depth of the moat.

Just for you to know, the marvelous moat was built using crude tools.



The Emotan statue is a monument of one of the greatest Heroes the Benin people  have heard in their history, Emotan.

She was a woman whose virtual towards remaining loyal to the Oba made her name to be written in gold plates that will forever be remembered.

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